January is a 7 month!

This post is available over here. I’m moving a lot of my posts over to ko-fi because it’s an integrated platform that makes life easy. I’m focusing my work on teaching. I’ll continue blogging here, but the really meaty stuff – that will be exclusive to my supporters.

December is a 17/8 month!

If you’re like most people in the northern hemisphere you’re celebrating the solstice this month whether you realize it or not. “Axial tilt is the reason for the season” For those of us living in the snow-blessed parts of Mother Jorth the winter solstice is particularly significant because it heralds longer days and an eventual … [Read more…]

November is a 16/7 month!

Sixteen is an interesting number pattern. Symbolized by The Tower in Tarot and ruled by Mars, this is not anyone’s favourite energy. Most of the time we go out of our way to avoid tripping over this number. I’ll be veering into astro-numerology this month because events in astrology and numerology do line up with … [Read more…]

October is a 15/6 month!

15 is what the Chaldeans referred to as the spiritual alchemist. There is great magnetism and charisma in this universal month vibration. If you do nothing else this month, just keep that TikTok chant in your head, “What is meant for me, will find me”. Linked to Capricorn and The Devil of the Tarot, this … [Read more…]

September is a 14/5 month!

Alright, after  all the craziness of last month’s karmic 13/4 vibration, let’s have some shenanigans under a Sagittarian-ruled 14/5. That’s got to be a relief hahahaha. This month carries a 14/5 vibration and all the other numbers are expressed through it. 14/5 is a truth seeking, experiential energy pattern that fluctuates between curiosity and wrath. Because … [Read more…]