Celebrity birth charts

A few things are emerging this year in my hunt for celebrity birth charts for Patreon:

  • Many of them – a huge amount, actually – have 11 life paths. The 38 and 29 emanations are the most common. Are there other life paths? Certainly there are, but I’ve come to realize that for whatever reason, I can can almost assume they’ll be 11s. The biggest exception to this is the next point.
  • A large amount have 30/3 life paths. This is particularly true for those famous folk involved in the arts, philosophy & culture, and politics. I mean, it’s not wrong.
  • Across all life paths, a very large amount are Friday born. Depending on their birth time in relation to the sunrise, they are either Jupiter or Venus born. Both planets are manifestors. The majority of the Friday born celebrities I’ve looked at are Venus born.

Just observations I had while I was looking at Noam Chomsky’s chart.

There’s over a year of missing posts

That’s because I went to ko-fi for a year to try my hand at subscriptions. Then I packed up and went to Patreon because they have an app, people were having a hard time subscribing on ko-fi, and all the other esoteric creators were at Patreon. I lost almost all of my subscribers in the process, so lesson learned. I probably would have been better off staying put but it is what it is. If you click the link above it’ll take you to my ko-fi page. I’m not going to copy/paste all of those posts here. Over time (meaning don’t count on it happening today because I look at all those posts, get overwhelmed, and just don’t) I will make them all public.

I’m not going back to regularly using ko-fi. I refuse to start running back and forth. I’m staying here. I’ve had this blog for three years, so I’m going to figure out how to make everything work from here. As Kim Mitchell sings, “…no more walking away…”

Some women collect purses and shoes to self soothe. Since 1997 I’ve been collecting blogs. I caught myself creating another one at WordPress.com and I had to put the brakes on. Geez, Louise.

I’ll be migrating my Shopify blog posts here as well as my other self-hosted WordPress blog and shutting them down as well. I should probably just go back to being a yarn whore. At least then I have something to show for it, because all these blogs are intangibles. Do they even exist?

By this way, this a 5 Life Path acting out. We become grazers of things. Sometimes collectors if we take the earth path of the five vibration but most often we graze. A little here, a little there, and a whole lot of spinning our wheels.

That’s all I got for now. I have some migrating to do!

May’s Numerology

Update: the podcast will be late. There’s been some family activity to attend to and it’s been rather busy here at the ranch. The numeroscopes have not been done but they will appear over the next few days. I can’t do any of the monthly forecasting too too soon because making predictions like this requires watching events pan out to see how things will go. There isn’t a big body of work regarding mundane numerology in the West, so I’m figuring this out as I go. Numerology is used for personality delineation 99% of the time. Anyway, that’s my apology, now on to the numerology of May!

Update on the update: numeroscopes are still not done so at this point (May 5th) it feels pointless to do them. Sorry, folks. I sit down to write and nothing comes. So I art instead because that is what’s flowing right now. Nothing to do with May numeroscopes is coming out of me.

My mother is coming to visit next week, for a few weeks, and the bare minimum for me is Patreon, so those posts will be happening. This blog and the fledgling podcast are going to continue to take a back seat. 

Here is May’s post: 

Before I get started,  I just want to say thank you.

I am so grateful to be able to live in a part of the world where I can create this content. This is why I put so much energy into writing for patreon, my podcast, Facebook, and here. For each person who shares my work, sends it to a friend, follows me online, or books a reading with me—the more I’m sble to share Tarot-numerology all over the world. I am grateful for you!

The month of May vibrates to a universal 12/3 within a universal 7 year. So 3/Jupiter is swimming in 7/Ketu’s pool. People are more transactional minded and feeling pretty confident about spending money. It’s possible that on an individual level we’ll all start to feel a little more confident. That can definitely translate into how we carry ourselves, the energy we put out, and most definitely the energy we call in.

The numerology also supports being more conscious of what’s hot and what’s not and how we use that to our advantage. There’s a chance for some public recognition or the feeling of having finally “arrived”. Whatever it is that sits in front of us, we’ll have the energy and desire to get it done. This is great news for those of us with mountains of half-done projects creeping up in the background. You might not get it all taken care of, but opportunities to wrap up some of the chaos and disorganization will be a great boon to those of us who’ve been running on our nerves and RedBull the last few months. 

The undercurrent to all of this month energy is 12. This energy unfolds at a much slower pace than the 3. Within a 7 year this can cause an underlying tension that manifests in anxiety for some of us. This vibration can support hanging back and waiting for the perfect moment. With the rest of the month energy concerned with gettin’ er done and standing out, this can show up as stage fright or imposter syndrome. 

Let me just say, as someone with a chart full of earth and Saturn energy, who has wasted many a day hanging back and remaining unseen because it wasn’t “the perfect time” – fuck that shit. Fuck it in its fucking face. Just do it. While it’s good to get your ducks in order, sometimes you can’t wait on the duck that can’t get it together. You have to suck up your anxiety and just do the damned thing. 

On the larger world stage, the 12 root energy of the universal month also promises interesting times for large institutions: government, fisheries, charitable institutions, spy agencies like CSIS, and perhaps even royalty. Big learning curves are going to happen as the energy of 12 forces the powers that be to begin taking new directions. They can see their reflection below them as The Hanged Man gazes upon his and the numerology supports everyone else seeing it, too. Typically wherever 12 shows up, especially in aspect to 7, secrets are revealed that force a move away from the known and comfortable. 

Personal Years: Is this your birth month? 

Congratulations and happy birthday! This month you’ll start your brand new personal year. To figure out what that is, add your month and day of birth to the year and then continue adding the digits together until you get a number from 1-9 or a multiple of 11. The resulting number gives you a heads up in regards to the themes of the next 12 months.  

Action Points and Peak Points 

The last time we experienced this universal energy was nine years ago in 2014. What were you doing in May 2014? If you had a Facebook account then, Marky Mark Zuckerberg will show you in your memories what was going down. Do you see repeating themes? If nothing else, enjoy the trip down memory lane. 

Your first Action Point

 If your birthday was in February then this month you’ll experience your personal year first quarter action point. This is similar to a moon phase. The exact date will be the same as your birth day so if you were born February 10th then May 10th is your first action point. Like a moon phase the energy can be felt for three days prior and three days after.

What happens? Energy becomes tense and you may feel caged or like you have to do something. Specific issues may be raised at that time. Weird coincidences can happen. 

Your peak point 

If your birthday was in November than this month at the date corresponding ro your birth day you experience the energy of the peak point. Like full moon energy, things that reflect the theme of your person year can begin to show up. The energy can be felt for three days prior and three days after. 

Your second action point 

if your birthday was in August then this month on the day that corresponds to your birth day, you will experience the second action point. This marks the third quarter of your personal year and often the energy at this time is about releasing things. Like the other points it can be felt three days prior and three days after. 

Many people who start to pay attention to the calendar start to notice that certain things tend to happen around these times of year. Mark your calendar and see what comes up! 

Days to note this month 

Friday May 5th, Full Moon: 17/8 universal energy. The numerology today supports assuming power. This can look like stepping up, being promoted, or taking power away from someone. If power is shared, then obstacles both real and imagined will begin to dissolve. This is also a good time to take the bull by the horns and make those phone calls or drop by certain places. Got a government department or big corporate office you’ve been putting off dealing with because you don’t want to go through the waiting, the paperwork, or other bureaucracy? Today things move a little faster. You stand a good chance of not having having to grow old waiting. 

*This is also the day of the eclipse. It starts about 11:14am EST but it won’t be visible here in North America. While numerology deals in numbers and not eclipses, energy can get stirred up that day. For more information please go listen to the Woke Astrology Podcast on Spotify or watch Laurie Rivers’ TikTok’s at @astro_laurie. 

Saturday May 6th, Royal Coronation: 18/9 universal energy. They must have gotten the memo about eclipses and coronation days coinciding. Emotions are intense today and not everything is as it seems. Remember that 18/9 (The Moon) obscures and creates illusion. Everything is curated under this vibration. The energy favors completion so hold off on passing judgement on anything and just go get er done. 

Sunday May 14th, Mother’s Day (North America): 26/8 universal energy. Today is a day when the conversation flows, everyone is in a good mood and things move quickly. On the flip side, this is also a day that barriers and old hurts can cycle back for review. Some of us may not want to take mom out for brunch. 

Friday May 19th, New Moon: 31/4 universal energy. The numerology supports big changes and reinvention. So if the urge to splurge on a makeover catches you by surprise, go ahead and have fun. Just promise us you won’t get bangs. Your personal stock can rise today but the numbers also supports your ego writing cheques that the rest of you can’t cash. Keep everything fun and try not to bite.

2022/6 – Judgement + The Fool & The Lovers

The complete breakdown – and it’s a long read so make tea – is over here, for all monthly subscribers and one time ko-fi supporters.


The year begins with a new moon cazimi on the 2nd of January and is followed up with a Mercury stationing retrograde and Uranus stationing direct. Good times!

The numerology reduces to a 6. You’ll be more focused on home and family to really care about what’s raging in the background. Collectively we’ll pay a lot less attention to the angry mobs because they don’t impress us anymore. It’s old shtick.

January is a 7 month!

This post is available over here.

I’m moving a lot of my posts over to ko-fi because it’s an integrated platform that makes life easy. I’m focusing my work on teaching. I’ll continue blogging here, but the really meaty stuff – that will be exclusive to my supporters.

December is a 17/8 month!

If you’re like most people in the northern hemisphere you’re celebrating the solstice this month whether you realize it or not.

“Axial tilt is the reason for the season”

For those of us living in the snow-blessed parts of Mother Jorth the winter solstice is particularly significant because it heralds longer days and an eventual return to warmth. We may talk a big talk about our winter toughness in far northern countries but secretly the majority of us are thrilled that it won’t be night time at 3pm forever.

So remember, 2021 is a 5 pattern universal year whose themes have been change, new information, new experiences, and communication. This is underscored by turning points, reconstruction, reality shifts (Judgement/20) and rapidly changing information, closing out the old book, and preparing to enter a new world (The World/21).

A 17/8 number pattern within all of that is a bit of a backhanded respite. This 8 is a little softer than other 8s, coming to us through the reduction of compound 17, which is symbolized by the eight-pointed star of Ishtar/Venus. The eight-pointed star is also found in the year wheel with each point representing a seasonal quarter and the cross points representing solstices and equinoxes, 17/8 is considered immortal and eternal.

My favourite visualization of 17 is found within the Mythic Tarot’s card 17, “The Star”. In that image we see Pandora opening the box. Out pours all the trials and tribulations, followed by that shining light of hope. That’s why 17 is a backhanded break in the action. It always shows up after the storm. This is a fortunate numerical vibration that unlocks assistance to those who need it. Money, gifts, and promotions fall under the 17/8 pattern but so do assistance and relief programs, charities, nursing, and other forms of relief or caring.

It is also a month of recognition. Hard work starts to manifest under a universal 17/8. Now 8 by itself is a number in tune with the laws of action and reaction. A positive attitude and a little elbow grease go a long way in any month, but they are especially highlighted during a 17/8 month. As I wrote earlier, the compound 17 softens this and makes it an 8 without the fangs.

Most of us will have our focus on the days of the Christmas holiday. So let’s skip rather quickly straight to the good part:

Christmas Eve – 41/5 universal day energy

The keywords today are love, abundance, change, and contentment. Whether you observe the holiday or not, and whether your observation of said holiday is intimate or epic – know that creative forces are at work. As long as you’re living by the same 12 month calendar that billions of us all mark time with, you are contributing to the construction of this energy. Whether you choose to use them or not, the 1-9 energy patterns and all their derivatives are like a great magic portal, the key to which is probably hanging on your kitchen wall.

Conditions are changing on this day of days when we prepare to honour the birth of the king of kings. The universal energy supports new opportunities and the deepening of existing ties. Light your candle, say the words, and open your heart to the upcoming year.

Continue reading “December is a 17/8 month!”

November is a 16/7 month!

Sixteen is an interesting number pattern. Symbolized by The Tower in Tarot and ruled by Mars, this is not anyone’s favourite energy. Most of the time we go out of our way to avoid tripping over this number. I’ll be veering into astro-numerology this month because events in astrology and numerology do line up with each other, and since eclipse season is coming, why not? 

A lot of our beliefs in systems like numerology and astrology are based on old teachings. While the 16/7 energy will never be sunshine and unicorns, instead of rehashing a bunch of doom and gloom, let’s reframe this energy for our time. It’s important to do that with these divination systems because people are turning to them in much greater numbers these days, owing to the amount of turmoil that everyone is facing. Numerology and astrology give people a more accessible and time-honoured framework with which to make sense of the world. These are not belief systems. They don’t require you to change religions or believe in impossible things. They are sets of calculations that can be interpreted and they “work” whether you believe in them or not. 

16/7 has always been feared. It relates to Mars and all the things of Mars when it becomes unbalanced: rage and destruction, uncontrolled forces that wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path. Traditionally this number has foretold catastrophes, particularly of the weather-related kind. Tornadoes, massive fires, deluges, volcanic eruptions – all are within the scope of the 16/7 energy pattern. I’m not surprised that these qualities were emphasized back in the day. Our ancestors were much more subject to the whims of the weather than we are now. Not that we can’t die in a flood because that certainly happens, but we have infrastructure and technology in place to predict and mitigate the effects of Mother Nature that our ancestors did not have. The benefits of modern living don’t occur to us because we are so used to them. 

What else is within 16/7? Well the number 16 is composed of four 4s. Four is ruled by Uranus so that lives within the 16/7 energy pattern. In Vedic numerology 4 is also ruled by Rahu. There are also two 8s within 16 and the 8 pattern is ruled by Saturn so that energy lies within the 16/7 energy pattern as well. Neptune rules the pure number reduction of 7 and if you study Vedic numerology then Ketu is significant as well.

What FUN!!

I look at 16/7 as being the great catalyst for change. Can it be cataclysmic and awful? Yes. Will some things be destroyed as a result? Yes. Will we still be standing there the next day in the ruins, processing everything? Also, yes. Uranus, Saturn, and Mars join together in the cauldron to shake the shit out of everything. Neptune being the ruler of 7, is the cauldron.

It is important to remember that 16 reduces to 7. This is a number pattern of analysis, self-reflection, mysticism, magic, and science. Yes, science. There was a time when magic and science were thought of as one. The 7 energy pattern also rules obscure realizations. Things you may not see when you are blinded by the blizzard that 16 brings become more apparent in the aftermath. In this regard 7 contains the seeds of rebuilding. 

So what about this month will be explosive? There is a new moon on the 4th. The universal day energy is 20/2, symbolized by Judgement. Think of November’s new Moon as a lunar Samhain. On a personal level, this is a great time to get up close and real with your inner darkness. There could be realizations, especially on the 3rd, as the benefic-but-also-malefic universal 19 energy pattern invites the sun’s harsh rays to put everything on display. This can provoke some strong reactions as the universal energy on the 4th manifests in sudden turning points or decisions. It’s a restless and uneasy energy that may make you feel compelled to do something, anything, to shake it off. Now this energy affects us all but some folks might feel it just a bit more: 

People born in the first few days of May (1-6th) might be feeling extra this week as their personal year energy peaks at the halfway mark. The universal energies at play are going force some surprises in situations. Things they have been working toward may manifest suddenly, ahead of schedule or they may well fall apart and change completely into something else. 

People born in the beginning of August (1-6th) are going to experience the first action point in their personal year. This energy is similar to the square in astrology. Give yourself grace this week and know that this bitey feeling will pass. It’s a good week, numerologically speaking, for these people to start taking steps to make changes in situations that bother them. So for example if you really hate you job, the universal number energy this week will show you where you’re truly unhappy. You can wallow in that and be a miserable bitch to be around or you can take that edgy, uneasy energy and channel it into skill building, polishing up your resume, or researching educational opportunities in other fields. Even if you decide to stay where you are when this temporary vibration ends around three days after your birth date, you’ll have accomplished something that may well benefit you at a later date.

People born in the beginning of February (1-6th) are going to experience the second action point of their personal year. This is the releasing point. Your peak point came in August around your birth date. So if you were born February 3rd, your personal year peak point was on or about August 3rd. Look back in your mind to events then and see what manifested for you that week. In the first few days of November you’ll feel the urge to let go of situations, people, or things as the energy of your next personal year starts to build on the horizon. Use the energy of this new moon and the universal 20 Judgement energy pattern that day to let go of what you no longer need and reconstruct your world. Be open to alternatives, however they present themselves. 

On a world level, shit will continue hitting the fan, as it has done all year. 2021 is about reconstructing the global frameworks we’ve been living within for centuries and it’s made all the more confusing by the huge amount of information that comes at us from every angle. In a Judgement+World year, no one knows what to believe. In a Tower month within a Judgement+World year, everything is laid bare, guts and all, for all to see. The world is changing, folks, and we don’t have a manual this time. We are writing it as we go. 

November is also the start of eclipse season. The full moon on the 19th is also a lunar eclipse. The universal day energy on that day is 35/8. This is an inheritance vibration. This is a temporary energy period where almost anything can happen. Everyone needs to be prepared for anything – and this is hard to prepare for. This vibration supports ambition and it’s manifestation but that doesn’t necessarily mean the rewards are great, especially during a Tower month. Promotions, contracts, raises, bonuses, and winnings are all highlighted right now but so are lay offs, firings, losses on investments, and shitty things coming home to roost. You may need to dig deep during the 17th-21st as that is when the energy of the 19th will be making itself known. Now this energy affects us all but some folks might feel it just a bit more: 

People born around this time in May (16th-22nd) will be living in interesting times as their personal year peaks. Themes that present themselves during this full moon will be present in our lives for the next couple of years, but this will be emphasized for anyone whose personal year peaks at this time. There will be some big twists of fate for folks. Practise your breathing and counting now! 

People born around the 16th-22nd of August will be experiencing the first action point in their personal year. You may find yourself unceremoniously tossing things into the trash – your space just feels cluttered and you need to get rid off STUFF. You may also be tempted toward an image overhaul or a home renovation. Lawsuits, negotiations, programs, or other potentially long term activities started around the beginning of your personal year may suddenly settle or change in some surprising ways.

People born around February 16th-22nd will be experiencing their second action point in their personal year. This is a releasing point. You might feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off your soul. That’s doesn’t mean it might not suck in the moment but whatever falls away at this time is good for you. Use the tense energy of this action point to your advantage: go walking, swimming, do something physical. This is a time when your health can really improve even if there’s stress. This is a period of vitality, so use it well and go get ‘er. 

As always, it is entirely possible to have a good day every day of every month of every year. We are the result of our responses and reactions so remember to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other. 

Location Numerology, Part Two: Mitigation

When we mitigate a number, we alter that number to change it entirely or we do something to shift the energy to something more aligned with our needs. This can be temporary or permanent. There are different numbers to mitigate and different ways to do that but we will focus on address numbers because two months later, those particular TikToks are still getting traction and lots of questions. 

So what do you do if you’ve started learning about numerology and have come to the conclusion that your address number is less than spectacular? Well, if you’re like the majority of stardust babies on earth you don’t have the money to just up and get a new place. You might not have the advantage of being able to pick and choose a place based on numbers, either. You might also love the place you’re in, even if your numerology book says that the address stinks.

And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad number. You don’t have to mitigate your address. Most of us live our lives quite happily not knowing anything about numbers, cards, planets, or spirits.

But for those of us who have noticed the forces at play in our lives, especially where numbers are concerned, read on.

Let’s suppose, for one moment, that you’re one of those folks who has noticed certain things happening at certain addresses and you’re wondering how to remedy that situation.

The easiest way to do this is to place a number just inside your door. You can do this by actually putting a number in one of the top corners of the inside face of your front door or by placing some sort of adornment just inside the entrance or on the door itself. I’m a fan of writing the number on the door because that can’t be knocked over and/or broken like an ornament can. If you’re not sure about writing on your door, because you’re a renter or you don’t want the shift in energy to be permanent, then taping a small piece of paper in one of the upper corners will do the same thing.

So let’s say that your address reduces to a 4 and it’s not working for you. You want to bring in some excitement. So you do your homework and decide that an address that reduces to 5 would be great. You rent this place, so you don’t want mark up the door. You also don’t know how you’ll respond to new energy because right now, change and excitement sound great in theory. So what you do is write a 1 on a tiny slip of paper and tape it down to the top right hand corner of your door. It’s almost invisible. You’d have to look for it to find it. Great! You decide to leave it up for three months to see how you like it. 

If you wanted to, you could hang a representation of the number on the door as well: so 2 dangly things for the number 2, etc. You could also put small items just inside the entrance. For example, three small crystals somewhere in the porch for the number 3. I find writing the number down and sticking it to the inside of the door works the best.

You won’t have to wait long. Energy shifts are usually apparent within a week. Like a lot of magical work, though, it’s best to make like a crock pot, set it and forget it, so you don’t dwell on things.

Getting back to our example, this person wanted to go from a 4 energy address to a 5:

Within a week you find that you’ve been prodded into a local spoken word poetry night to perform something you wrote in college years ago. Your social calendar picks up. You find yourself very busy and social. New friends expand your circle and you start taking cooking or language classes. A group of friends are planning a trip to Ecuador next spring and they’ve asked you if you’d like to come. Life hasn’t been this interesting in a long time. You’re keeping that number on the door. 


Over the last few weeks you’ve noticed a dent in your wallet. It seems like you’re becoming a more impulsive spender. Your calendar is full, but it’s not lost on you that every event involves food, drink, and long hours. You love it, but your pants are getting tight and some of your prior responsibilities have slipped. You never really kept a lot of alcohol in the house but now there’s space in the cellar dedicated to your growing craft beer collection. Life was less exciting surrounded by the old 4 energy, but there was better structure. You got more things done. You had firmer boundaries. You peel that number off the door and within a few days begin the business of adulting the way you did before. 

Everyone deals with new energy differently. I remember making the initial TikTok that went viral, saying that I am really unmotivated in a 6 energy home. My life path or life lesson number is 23/5. I love freedom, expression, and change. The number 5 is an experiential force that rules things like art, communication, travel, and the five senses. 5 has two rulerships, Earth (food, drink, possessions, sensual pleasures) and Air (writing, intellectual pursuits, language, travel, resourcefulness, wit, charm, social butterfly). When I live in a 6 pattern address it emphasizes the Earth qualities of 5. I become a cook, baker, and housekeeper extraordinaire. I crochet until yarn comes out of my ears. I gain weight and I get lazy. I go broke buying art and craft supplies. I turn into a hovering, people pleasing, smother mother. 

Partway through filming that TikTok, it dawned on me that I was in ANOTHER 6 environment. I spent that evening thinking hard about everything since I’d moved into this address and realized that I was hip deep in the 6 weeds. Quietly, I took out a white paint pen and drew a 2 on the inside face of my front door. I changed my address energy to an 8. Symbolic of immortality, success, and ambition, 8 is a strong number. Within days my life changed. On August 26 I mitigated my address. On the 31st I was awarded my cosmetology license. The application had been mired down in bureaucracy all year. I was given seed money to start a business. Then I stumbled across a place looking for an esthetician to rent space. 

I firmly believe that mitigating my address energy contributed to all this. Likewise, a cautionary tale based on what I did next in my shop: 

On October 6th having been in my new shop for a few days, it dawned on me that my suite number and building number both reduced to 7. This isn’t such a big deal for the civic address because that affects the whole building, but my suite affects me. 7 is not a busy number nor is it associated with great material success and there’d been a few estheticians through that room over the last couple of years. So I thought about it, took out my paint pen, and wrote 3 1s in the top right corner of the door, changing my suite energy from a 7 to a 10/1. The independent and successful 1 pattern meshes very well with the materialistic and ambitious 8. I felt good about living in an 8 vibration home with a 1 vibration business address. 

Except that my suite is actually 25/7, so what I’d actually done was turn it to a 28/1. I was so fixated on the single digit energy that I never thought about the base energy contained within the compound number. 

28 —> 10 —> 1

28 is a number pattern full of surprises and plot twists. 10 is related to the Wheel of Fortune and involves changing circumstances, changing fortunes, and sometimes upheaval that comes out of left field. 

Within two days my bookings stopped. I’d had a couple each day at that point – not great, but not awful considering I was 100% new to the area with no clients or friends to book in with me. 

Orders that should have been arriving that week were suddenly delayed until November. 

Ads that I took out on social media were riddled with autocorrect spelling errors and the wrong number for the salon. 

Then a state Cosmetology inspector showed up to address a complaint. Complaint? It would seem the former esthetician saw one of the social media ads and felt like being petty. The inspector breezed through the hygiene portion of her inspection and went straight for my permits and papers. She caught me on a technicality – the shop I was renting from had a permit that I should have been the one to have – and wrote me up a notice of correction and an appointment for a hearing. A frigging hearing. Over a permit. Everything else was in order, and believe me, she looked for something to be out of order. 

All of this unfolded in a 24 hour period about two days after I mitigated the 25 suite number. During a mercury retrograde, I might add. I really should have just taped the bloody number to the inside face of the door but noooooo. So change it I shall.

Today I was helping a friend sort out her choices in apartment numbers when all of the above dawned on me. 28. Not a great number for me, I suppose. So tomorrow I’m bringing my paint pen into the shop and adding a few more 1’s.

I’ll let you know how it unfolds. 

October is a 15/6 month!

15 is what the Chaldeans referred to as the spiritual alchemist. There is great magnetism and charisma in this universal month vibration. If you do nothing else this month, just keep that TikTok chant in your head, “What is meant for me, will find me”. Linked to Capricorn and The Devil of the Tarot, this month’s universal energy also has a material and physical focus. If I could tell you one thing about this month, it would be to keep your mind on your own shenanigans and work, work, work. This is the light side of the 15/6 energy pattern. This number energy has drive and initiative. There’s ambition, communication, focus, and discernment in 15/6. This energy also really supports uplifting those around you. You’ll find that when 15 is prominent, helping someone else to succeed or bringing others along with you on the road to success, seems almost magical.

But, of course, 15/6 has a shadow side. It is indulgence, politicking, selfishness, greed, behind the scenes interference, attachment to the physical, and drama. You’ll have better luck this month if you don’t try to orchestrate events like some secret fraternal poobah. Being sneaky and topping from the bottom might backfire in embarrassing ways. You’re better off just to crack the whip where everyone can see.

I don’t care what your belief system is, your ethnicity, your nationality, your race or sex – we are all wired to see the negative before the positive. We all know The Devil’s negative attributes all too well because it’s so easy to fall into them. In “The Field”, Lynn McTaggert asserts that the business of being wired for negativity over positivity is a survival trait because it keeps us somewhat self-centred. If this is you, if you find yourself falling into that pattern too much, try to use your negativity for good. In the same book, the author wrote about an energy healer in China who was being studied for his ability to destroy cancer cells with hateful angry energy. Apparently he was quite talented. See? Use your Devil side for good.

The veil between the worlds is thinning now, as we become hip deep in the dying portion of the year wheel. Under a 15/6 universal vibration magic can take a deep, dark delicious turn. If you don’t pay attention, if you’re not really all that skilled in manipulating energy, it can get away from you very quickly this month. Please be a good magical realmskeeper and don’t litter the ether with free-ranging thought forms.

For those of you who run around insisting that you only live in the light, grasp your crystals and move along, nothing to see here 😀

It’s also important to remember that as much as we place The Devil in charge of money, bodies, and other earthly matters – in the pre-Christian myths good old Lucifer was the light bringer. In his own way he brings enlightenment as much as he brings trials and tribulations. The process of deconstruction, or falling down, of shit hitting the fan under a 16/7, or Tower, influence begins with The Devil and the number 15. Well…actually….it begins with The Lovers and the 6 energy pattern but that’s a lesson for later.

October 1-7


7 of Swords

Listen to what others have to tell you this week, especially if it’s coming from someone in a position to know what they’re talking about. This is a good week to review procedures and check for flaws in any projects you’re a part of.

Do you remember Luna Lovegood telling Harry Potter that things have a way of finding their way back to her? This may well be that week for you. Things that may have been “borrowed” (like how your brother in law borrowed your table saw two years ago and just magically forgot to bring it by when he moved), lost, or owed to you, may find their way back this week. So don’t ask questions if that fold-up banquet table you had written off a year ago is magically leaning up against your garage when you get home some day this week. Just laugh and put it away. Magic workers, don’t force it. You won’t get it back if you expect it or try for it.

The universal day energy on October 1st is very much house of cards falling down. That doesn’t mean it’s a shitty day for everyone or even some of us, but look for some things out there in the big wide world to start a very public destruction sequence. The 6th may be a busy news or idea day for you. I’d say wait until the next day to make decisions because situations will change too much. By the 7th a renewed feeling is in the air. This is a great time for changing direction or starting something new.

October 8-14


2 of Swords

This week is about decisions and cooperation. Traditionally the 2 of Swords shows a woman sitting blindfolded, while the tide starts to trickle in. I grew up in a part of the world famous for its tides. Here’s the thing about them; they trickle in ever so slowly for what seems like a very long time and then BOOM! The ocean is rushing in to fill the gap. Things that you put on the back burner are going to take on a life of their own. Don’t neglect decisions, discussions, to do lists, or anything else that you think will still be there waiting patiently for you to feel like dealing with it. As Jack Kornfield wrote in Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, “The problem is, you think you have time.”


You don’t. Not this week. Our Lady of Indecision may rule the week but the individual universal day energies are all fire. Messages, plans, sudden changes and do-overs abound. You may find yourself putting out fires everywhere you look. The 10th may be especially interesting. My grandmother always said, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Hasty actions or sudden decisions can result in everything from harsh words to trips canceled to finding a new residence. By the 14th things are at a dull roar and you’ve got the world back in your hand, watching your ship come in.

October 15-21


Ace of Pentacles

This week harmonizes well with the universal energy of the month. Diligent effort is rewarded. This is a week where real world things are highlighted – money, clothing, food, the physical body. Fortune and fame follow the Ace of Pentacles, The Devil/Capricorn, and the number 15. Money, credit, loans, bonuses, and favours might seem to be falling off trees this week. If you find yourself in receipt of some tangible goodness, be grateful but remember that there is always fine print. The Devil is in the details, after all, and he has paid attention to all the fine print that we ignore.

The 16th is a particularly chaotic day. The universal energy supports competition and obstacles, but also legal dealings and settlements. An awful lot can be accomplished today if you are a skilled multi talker and mental shifter. Cooperation is the key. The 21st is a particularly good day to start assessing the things that weigh you down.

October 22-28


Ace of Swords

Master 55 is a demanding energy pattern. This vibration brings with it great fundamental changes. Master energy tends to operate on a broader scale and is less personal. Things that happen nationally or globally this week take centre stage as the energy of 55 pulls us away from mundane concerns. Fortuna’s Wheel has been spun. Large institutions, particularly ones that deal in law or religion will be on the radar this week.

This is a week where information that has been previously overlooked is discovered and brought to light. Clarity is a key word for this week, as the Ace of Sword strips away the foo foo and distractions, showing us what we need to see. Under a 55 master influence this is a week that world views will shift for many people. The 28th is ruled by a universal 43/7 vibration. This is the energy of revolution, rebellion, and upheaval.

October 29-31


9 of Swords

When 36/9 is the dominant vibration, things usually manifest effortlessly – but this isn’t 36/9 that’s in charge this week. With 63/9 as the dominant universal energy pattern this week, the earnest desire to accomplish things is there but the cart is being put before the horse. Symbolized by the 9 of Swords, 63/9 is full of struggles and delays. Anything you ignored earlier in the month or thought would just “take care of itself” or go away, is coming back. The stronger your attachment to outcomes, belief in how things must be, or material things – the harder these few days will be.

63/9 is an energy pattern that brings fulfillment through endings. How did that Madonna song go? I was the fortress you had to burn? The power of goodbye? Go listen to that song. It should be the theme song for this brief time period. If external things are making you feel like there’s no way out and you keep cycling through the same negative caca again and again – make full use of the power of goodbye. The energy at the end of October fully supports letting shit go so that something else can come take it’s place.

The 29th of October is ruled by a universal 44. This is master energy that supports great shifts in mass consciousness regarding building, planning, organization, and everyone’s stuff. A 44 temporary vibration this month opens a gateway to new ways of working and earning money. As we cycle back to the beginning and prepare to enter into the energy of November I’m reminded of what I said in my opening paragraph about the manifestation chant on Tiktok. What is meant for you will find you but under the 44 master energy pattern it is most often disguised as work.

And remember as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other.

I’ve been asked to talk about “Marriage Numerology”

There really is no such thing as a set of marriage numbers or lucky days for weddings – all the days are good days to get married. I’m pretty sure, though, that when people ask for this what they’re getting at is marriage compatibility or relationship compatibility. These types of readings have gotten really popular on the internet over the last ten years. 

Years ago I wrote an article on old blog about this very thing. I no longer have that blog post but it’s time to rewrite this anyway because some of what I do has changed. 

I don’t believe in compatibility readings. 

Period. The end. Here’s why: 

Compatibility readings don’t address the many elephants in the room, which are all those people who – on paper – should not be together because they are astrologically or numerologically “incompatible”. Yet here they are kicking it, thrilled to bits with each other, loving every moment together, building an empire on their block. Then there’s all those failed relationships with such great compatibility and potential, that never made it.

I’ve watched readers within the metaphysical community try to come up with all sorts of alternate scenarios and explanations for why that is and they keep using the same tired metrics for their readings. 

The other problem I see is that compatibility readings treat the individuals involved as though they are one-dimensional monoliths that never change. Relationships are constantly changing because the people in them are changing. They evolve and grow. They’re supposed to. Ask people who have been together for decades and they’ll tell you about periods of time where they didn’t recognize the person they were with. Or the times they couldn’t get enough of that individual. Or the all the other times in between. 

So fuck those readings. They’re going at this the wrong way. 

I do something a little different. I do what are called relationship life paths. They’re not new and I did not invent the concept. What this does is look at the energy within the relationship instead of saying “Well a 6 person and a 9 person are incompatible” it instead says, “This relationship has a combined energy of 15/6. Here’s where the energy is strong, here’s where this energy needs to be supported and here’s how the individuals might respond and react to this energy.”

You do this by adding together the life paths of everyone involved. The nice thing about relationship life paths is that they don’t need to be limited to just two people or to romantic couples. I’ve had clients who were part of couples, throuples, and polyamorous webs. Looking at the life paths of their relationships as opposed to binary yes/no compatibility helped them see their relationships in a new light. Individual life paths can also be looked at, to see how it is that all the individuals concerned interact with the combined relationship energy. It’s a lot more involved than consulting a number grid and saying “Oh well, 5 and 2 are completely incompatible” to someone who may not be having a relationship issue but may be very impressionable. 

I’ve also done these readings for work teams and groups of friends. They work just the same. 

To start, calculate a life path number for everyone. This is done by writing down the full date of birth and adding the individual numbers straight across and writing that number down.

For now, let’s keep it simple and interpret single digit numbers only. So let’s construct two random life paths:

Sarah: September 15, 1995 9+1+5+1+9+9+5=39 3+9=12 1+2=3 Sarah has a 3 life path 

Stephanie: July 27, 1998 7+2+7+1+9+9+8=43 4+3=7 Stephanie has a 7 life path 

Add them together and reduce to a single digit: 

3+7=10 1+0=1

Their relationship life path is 1. 

It can be made more complicated with master numbers and compound numbers, but let’s not do that. Ultimately all the numbers can be reduced to a single digit from 1-9. 

Now here are some basic interpretations. They are VERY, VERY, VERY brief. They do not take anyone’s whole chart and the complexities involved in looking at two or more charts into account, so don’t feel bad if your relationship life path doesn’t read exactly like you think it should. 

1 relationship life path: these people will do best if they keep separate interests, some separate friends, and separate accounts. This is not the merge couple. This relationship life path is much more independent than the others. Problems will most likely occur if they become joined at the hip and find each other underfoot.

2 relationship life path: these people will do best if they merge completely. Mutual friends, shared interests, cooking and cleaning together, playing in the autumn leaves with their many dogs. The danger here is losing oneself and/or becoming codependent. 

3 relationship life path: the social butterflies! This is the couple that entertains and has fun. Everyone knows them, their home is wide open, there’s always room for one more at the table. This couple needs to learn to carve out together time and not use other people or events as buffers that prevent intimacy. 

4 relationship life path: the workhorse couple. They’re solid, stable, and dependable. They work well together and could be happily side by side working from home or running a business. They need to guard against becoming buddies that sleep together. 

5 relationship life path: the couple with the crazy Gemini energy. They’re in Spain! No, they’re in Cambodia! Now they’re studying wine tasting – wait – now they’re learning Swahili….and now they’ve opened a yoga brew pub. Change and adventure will keep this relationship fresh. These people need to incorporate some nights at home to connect physically. 

6 relationship life path: the really great neighbours! They’ve got a beautiful home that’s thoughtfully put together, they’re at every community event, every block party, every local everything. They compete with the 3 couple for best house party and the 4 couple for greenest lawn. There is the potential for deep, lasting love. They need to spend time apart, doing their own eclectic pursuits or community work. 

7 relationship life path: the quirky introvert energy. This relationship life path favours time spent deep diving into spiritual matters. The home of such a couple should be pristine and minimal. If not, clutter can cause issues in this relationship life path. There is an intuitive connection but care must be taken not to let this become 100% a relationship of the mind….unless you both want it that way. 

8 relationship life path: Passion and sexuality can turn into a power play in this relationship. Your intimate relationship can veer off into some dark places. Magnetism is great but communication and boundaries are important. This is also a relationship of financial manifestation. The true “power couple”. 

9 relationship life path: Surrender and let the feelings take you on a journey. You can’t control yourself and you don’t want to. The couple that everyone swears is karmic. You’ll both learn some important lessons in this relationship. Keep at least one separate interest or cause, even if you have to tear yourselves away from each other to do so.