Location Numerology, Part Two: Mitigation

When we mitigate a number, we alter that number to change it entirely or we do something to shift the energy to something more aligned with our needs. This can be temporary or permanent. There are different numbers to mitigate and different ways to do that but we will focus on address numbers because two months later, those particular TikToks are still getting traction and lots of questions. 

So what do you do if you’ve started learning about numerology and have come to the conclusion that your address number is less than spectacular? Well, if you’re like the majority of stardust babies on earth you don’t have the money to just up and get a new place. You might not have the advantage of being able to pick and choose a place based on numbers, either. You might also love the place you’re in, even if your numerology book says that the address stinks.

And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad number. You don’t have to mitigate your address. Most of us live our lives quite happily not knowing anything about numbers, cards, planets, or spirits.

But for those of us who have noticed the forces at play in our lives, especially where numbers are concerned, read on.

Let’s suppose, for one moment, that you’re one of those folks who has noticed certain things happening at certain addresses and you’re wondering how to remedy that situation.

The easiest way to do this is to place a number just inside your door. You can do this by actually putting a number in one of the top corners of the inside face of your front door or by placing some sort of adornment just inside the entrance or on the door itself. I’m a fan of writing the number on the door because that can’t be knocked over and/or broken like an ornament can. If you’re not sure about writing on your door, because you’re a renter or you don’t want the shift in energy to be permanent, then taping a small piece of paper in one of the upper corners will do the same thing.

So let’s say that your address reduces to a 4 and it’s not working for you. You want to bring in some excitement. So you do your homework and decide that an address that reduces to 5 would be great. You rent this place, so you don’t want mark up the door. You also don’t know how you’ll respond to new energy because right now, change and excitement sound great in theory. So what you do is write a 1 on a tiny slip of paper and tape it down to the top right hand corner of your door. It’s almost invisible. You’d have to look for it to find it. Great! You decide to leave it up for three months to see how you like it. 

If you wanted to, you could hang a representation of the number on the door as well: so 2 dangly things for the number 2, etc. You could also put small items just inside the entrance. For example, three small crystals somewhere in the porch for the number 3. I find writing the number down and sticking it to the inside of the door works the best.

You won’t have to wait long. Energy shifts are usually apparent within a week. Like a lot of magical work, though, it’s best to make like a crock pot, set it and forget it, so you don’t dwell on things.

Getting back to our example, this person wanted to go from a 4 energy address to a 5:

Within a week you find that you’ve been prodded into a local spoken word poetry night to perform something you wrote in college years ago. Your social calendar picks up. You find yourself very busy and social. New friends expand your circle and you start taking cooking or language classes. A group of friends are planning a trip to Ecuador next spring and they’ve asked you if you’d like to come. Life hasn’t been this interesting in a long time. You’re keeping that number on the door. 


Over the last few weeks you’ve noticed a dent in your wallet. It seems like you’re becoming a more impulsive spender. Your calendar is full, but it’s not lost on you that every event involves food, drink, and long hours. You love it, but your pants are getting tight and some of your prior responsibilities have slipped. You never really kept a lot of alcohol in the house but now there’s space in the cellar dedicated to your growing craft beer collection. Life was less exciting surrounded by the old 4 energy, but there was better structure. You got more things done. You had firmer boundaries. You peel that number off the door and within a few days begin the business of adulting the way you did before. 

Everyone deals with new energy differently. I remember making the initial TikTok that went viral, saying that I am really unmotivated in a 6 energy home. My life path or life lesson number is 23/5. I love freedom, expression, and change. The number 5 is an experiential force that rules things like art, communication, travel, and the five senses. 5 has two rulerships, Earth (food, drink, possessions, sensual pleasures) and Air (writing, intellectual pursuits, language, travel, resourcefulness, wit, charm, social butterfly). When I live in a 6 pattern address it emphasizes the Earth qualities of 5. I become a cook, baker, and housekeeper extraordinaire. I crochet until yarn comes out of my ears. I gain weight and I get lazy. I go broke buying art and craft supplies. I turn into a hovering, people pleasing, smother mother. 

Partway through filming that TikTok, it dawned on me that I was in ANOTHER 6 environment. I spent that evening thinking hard about everything since I’d moved into this address and realized that I was hip deep in the 6 weeds. Quietly, I took out a white paint pen and drew a 2 on the inside face of my front door. I changed my address energy to an 8. Symbolic of immortality, success, and ambition, 8 is a strong number. Within days my life changed. On August 26 I mitigated my address. On the 31st I was awarded my cosmetology license. The application had been mired down in bureaucracy all year. I was given seed money to start a business. Then I stumbled across a place looking for an esthetician to rent space. 

I firmly believe that mitigating my address energy contributed to all this. Likewise, a cautionary tale based on what I did next in my shop: 

On October 6th having been in my new shop for a few days, it dawned on me that my suite number and building number both reduced to 7. This isn’t such a big deal for the civic address because that affects the whole building, but my suite affects me. 7 is not a busy number nor is it associated with great material success and there’d been a few estheticians through that room over the last couple of years. So I thought about it, took out my paint pen, and wrote 3 1s in the top right corner of the door, changing my suite energy from a 7 to a 10/1. The independent and successful 1 pattern meshes very well with the materialistic and ambitious 8. I felt good about living in an 8 vibration home with a 1 vibration business address. 

Except that my suite is actually 25/7, so what I’d actually done was turn it to a 28/1. I was so fixated on the single digit energy that I never thought about the base energy contained within the compound number. 

28 —> 10 —> 1

28 is a number pattern full of surprises and plot twists. 10 is related to the Wheel of Fortune and involves changing circumstances, changing fortunes, and sometimes upheaval that comes out of left field. 

Within two days my bookings stopped. I’d had a couple each day at that point – not great, but not awful considering I was 100% new to the area with no clients or friends to book in with me. 

Orders that should have been arriving that week were suddenly delayed until November. 

Ads that I took out on social media were riddled with autocorrect spelling errors and the wrong number for the salon. 

Then a state Cosmetology inspector showed up to address a complaint. Complaint? It would seem the former esthetician saw one of the social media ads and felt like being petty. The inspector breezed through the hygiene portion of her inspection and went straight for my permits and papers. She caught me on a technicality – the shop I was renting from had a permit that I should have been the one to have – and wrote me up a notice of correction and an appointment for a hearing. A frigging hearing. Over a permit. Everything else was in order, and believe me, she looked for something to be out of order. 

All of this unfolded in a 24 hour period about two days after I mitigated the 25 suite number. During a mercury retrograde, I might add. I really should have just taped the bloody number to the inside face of the door but noooooo. So change it I shall.

Today I was helping a friend sort out her choices in apartment numbers when all of the above dawned on me. 28. Not a great number for me, I suppose. So tomorrow I’m bringing my paint pen into the shop and adding a few more 1’s.

I’ll let you know how it unfolds. 

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