December is a 17/8 month!

If you’re like most people in the northern hemisphere you’re celebrating the solstice this month whether you realize it or not.

“Axial tilt is the reason for the season”

For those of us living in the snow-blessed parts of Mother Jorth the winter solstice is particularly significant because it heralds longer days and an eventual return to warmth. We may talk a big talk about our winter toughness in far northern countries but secretly the majority of us are thrilled that it won’t be night time at 3pm forever.

So remember, 2021 is a 5 pattern universal year whose themes have been change, new information, new experiences, and communication. This is underscored by turning points, reconstruction, reality shifts (Judgement/20) and rapidly changing information, closing out the old book, and preparing to enter a new world (The World/21).

A 17/8 number pattern within all of that is a bit of a backhanded respite. This 8 is a little softer than other 8s, coming to us through the reduction of compound 17, which is symbolized by the eight-pointed star of Ishtar/Venus. The eight-pointed star is also found in the year wheel with each point representing a seasonal quarter and the cross points representing solstices and equinoxes, 17/8 is considered immortal and eternal.

My favourite visualization of 17 is found within the Mythic Tarot’s card 17, “The Star”. In that image we see Pandora opening the box. Out pours all the trials and tribulations, followed by that shining light of hope. That’s why 17 is a backhanded break in the action. It always shows up after the storm. This is a fortunate numerical vibration that unlocks assistance to those who need it. Money, gifts, and promotions fall under the 17/8 pattern but so do assistance and relief programs, charities, nursing, and other forms of relief or caring.

It is also a month of recognition. Hard work starts to manifest under a universal 17/8. Now 8 by itself is a number in tune with the laws of action and reaction. A positive attitude and a little elbow grease go a long way in any month, but they are especially highlighted during a 17/8 month. As I wrote earlier, the compound 17 softens this and makes it an 8 without the fangs.

Most of us will have our focus on the days of the Christmas holiday. So let’s skip rather quickly straight to the good part:

Christmas Eve – 41/5 universal day energy

The keywords today are love, abundance, change, and contentment. Whether you observe the holiday or not, and whether your observation of said holiday is intimate or epic – know that creative forces are at work. As long as you’re living by the same 12 month calendar that billions of us all mark time with, you are contributing to the construction of this energy. Whether you choose to use them or not, the 1-9 energy patterns and all their derivatives are like a great magic portal, the key to which is probably hanging on your kitchen wall.

Conditions are changing on this day of days when we prepare to honour the birth of the king of kings. The universal energy supports new opportunities and the deepening of existing ties. Light your candle, say the words, and open your heart to the upcoming year.

Christmas Day – 42/6 universal day energy.

What is the secret of the universe? 42! Although Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” swears up and down the number choice was random, many of us just politely do not believe him. Here’s a Wikipedia page about the number 42.

The energy of 42/6 is a blending of hearts and minds, of creative joy and the hard work necessary to birth it into existence. I can think of no better universal energy for this day. Family obligations are highlighted with this energy. This is also an engagement and marriage vibration.

This is a great two day period of universal gushy energy, against a running backdrop of supply disruptions, civil strife, and pandemic exhaustion. I debated writing about the tension during this month, but it’s just a continuation of the same shitty sheet music we can already play with our eyes closed. I decided to go straight for dessert first and I was not disappointed.

The Kermit flailing will still be there when we get back on the hamster wheel, on the 26th. In fact, that’s a day whose universal energy is conducive to rebellions and uprisings. One of the shifts we have to look forward to is a change that stirs up issues around work habits and how money is distributed. This is marked by the North Node of astrology moving into the sign of Taurus. This occurs on the 23rd of December, whose universal day energy is 40/4, ruled by Uranus. Numerological speaking, it’s an emotionally intense day with potentially unpleasant news and I’d love to tell you to shut off the tv and go back to bed, but if you’re like me you’ve got to get your ass up and go to work.

Like I said, it’ll all be there waiting for you, so turn off the news, flash up the YouTube fireplace and cast your spells of prosperity for the year to come.

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