There’s over a year of missing posts

That’s because I went to ko-fi for a year to try my hand at subscriptions. Then I packed up and went to Patreon because they have an app, people were having a hard time subscribing on ko-fi, and all the other esoteric creators were at Patreon. I lost almost all of my subscribers in the process, so lesson learned. I probably would have been better off staying put but it is what it is. If you click the link above it’ll take you to my ko-fi page. I’m not going to copy/paste all of those posts here. Over time (meaning don’t count on it happening today because I look at all those posts, get overwhelmed, and just don’t) I will make them all public.

I’m not going back to regularly using ko-fi. I refuse to start running back and forth. I’m staying here. I’ve had this blog for three years, so I’m going to figure out how to make everything work from here. As Kim Mitchell sings, “…no more walking away…”

Some women collect purses and shoes to self soothe. Since 1997 I’ve been collecting blogs. I caught myself creating another one at and I had to put the brakes on. Geez, Louise.

I’ll be migrating my Shopify blog posts here as well as my other self-hosted WordPress blog and shutting them down as well. I should probably just go back to being a yarn whore. At least then I have something to show for it, because all these blogs are intangibles. Do they even exist?

By this way, this a 5 Life Path acting out. We become grazers of things. Sometimes collectors if we take the earth path of the five vibration but most often we graze. A little here, a little there, and a whole lot of spinning our wheels.

That’s all I got for now. I have some migrating to do!

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