The Hierophant People

This is a person who has lived much. Hierophant people have had many interesting experiences. They possess a vast knowledge base. They love to share. They’re more than happy to give their time to teach all who come to them. 

More extroverted than the High Priestess, they have no problem communicating an opinion regardless of whether or not it will be well received. Unlike the High Priestess their great spiritual knowledge comes from being in the middle of the shitstorm. Their experience is gained by diving in and doing. They’ll think about the potential consequences later. 

They have been there and done that, and sometimes that can be a problem. In their zeal to teach and share, they can go from preacher to preachy. They forget, while pontificating, that someone else’s experience might be different from theirs. Sometimes they view people, places, and events as static and unchanging. 

Hierophant people can be the out of touch uncle who won’t shut up at the family BBQ. We know, we know, you lived in the jungles of Cambodia before it was cool and you remember when houses cost a nickel. OK, Boomer. 

The Emperor People

The Emperor is a powerful, controlling force to be reckoned with. This is the manager that people tiptoe around. This person is successful, knowledgeable, blunt, and can read people like a book. The approval of an Emperor person is conditional. 

This is the traditional “Father Knows Best” energy. Where The Empress will tenderly bandage your skinned knee and listen to you cry, The Emperor will tell you to quit your crying and get your ass back on that bike. This person believes in you, but they are action/results oriented and ambitious. You have to prove yourself to them. 

When drawing from the negative end of the Four spectrum, this is a power hungry person. Quitting is for losers and losers never win – and they’re no quitter even when the situation might dictate otherwise. They can become very competitive with people they know, even friends, keeping up with the Joneses, just for the sake of being top dog. 

The Empress People

This is a person who is nurturing, supportive, and parental. Empress people make us feel safe. They express many of the qualities we would call “maternal”. These are the comforting people who kiss our booboos and provide unconditional love – “mother’s love”. 

People represented by this card will show up when you need them. They’ll hold your hand when you have to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. They’ll cover your rent if you’re short or bring you a casserole when you’re sick. Empress people will stage mom their way into something, to help you get your foot in the door  

On a shitty day, they’re Mother Goldberg. You can’t get them off your leg fast enough. Their desire to be good to you becomes smothering. Empress people can become hurt and disillusioned quickly when they are confronted with someone’s imperfections or need for independent growth.

The High Priestess People

This is a person who is highly intuitive and psychic. High Priestess people have an inner knowing about things, but don’t offer up their knowledge voluntarily. 

They have the ability to relate well with others and form deep connections. Their boundaries tend to be flexible and they are open to receiving new information. Heart centred, they operate in the world of abstraction and feelings. 

On a bad day, they’re spacey and vague. While physically present in a space, mentally they might be thousands of miles away. They might form attachments too quickly and insert themselves into other peoples’ affairs. Their lack of distinct boundaries can find them stuck in toxic situations that they can’t easily get out of. Their open mindedness and desire to validate everyone and every thing can make them easy targets for manipulation. 

The Magician People

Magician people are intellectual and analytical. They are solution finders and tenacious in their quest for knowledge. They are discriminating in that they express boundaries. These folks are factual individuals who are more than willing to dispel myths. 

Magician people can see the big picture. They are good at connecting the dots with events. This is the person offering you a reality check. 

Negatively, they can be overly critical. Their bluntness and correctness can be misconstrued as finger pointing. At the crappy end of One’s spectrum of energy, The Magician is a pot stirring bitch. They can assign blame rather hastily, especially when they become obsessed with dry facts. Nothing sticks to these people. Ever the conniving bastards, they’ve got a trapdoor escape planned, and you’re left holding the bag.