The Strength People

Here are the survivors and thrivers of Ten’s chaos. You can not keep these people down. After the shit has hit the fan, these are the people who pick up the pieces and rebuild. They’re an intensification of Two’s energy.  They’ve mastered the art of following their instincts, which is why they’re survivors. Often, their … [Read more…]

The Hermit People

These are the keepers of wise council. Nine Is a number that contains all other numbers within it. Within these people are all the experiences of the number spectrum. Hermit people have an awareness of everything around them.  These are the folks who know all the stories, all the histories, and all the dirt. They … [Read more…]

The Justice People

Justice people are the folks who step in to make order emerge from chaos. They are highly intelligent, and unlike the other even numbers, they have perfected their poker faces. Their emotional attachments are all reigned in.  They bring balance and order. Because justice and fairness is not the 50/50 balance of The Lovers personalities, … [Read more…]

The Chariot People

These are the people who crack the whip. They both facilitate and direct the changes around them. This is the person you want to have heading any project about change. They are the extroverted introverts. They are less impulsive than earlier odd numbered cards.  Chariot people manage themselves and others well. The Chariot’s astrological ruler … [Read more…]

The Lovers People

These are people that like to collaborate with others. They love cooperative efforts and are superb team players. They have a knack for bringing the right people together at the right time.  The Lovers people often walk the middle road and are lovers of harmony, balance, and fairness. These are non confrontational people who make … [Read more…]

The Hierophant People

This is a person who has lived much. Hierophant people have had many interesting experiences. They possess a vast knowledge base. They love to share. They’re more than happy to give their time to teach all who come to them.  More extroverted than the High Priestess, they have no problem communicating an opinion regardless of … [Read more…]

The Emperor People

The Emperor is a powerful, controlling force to be reckoned with. This is the manager that people tiptoe around. This person is successful, knowledgeable, blunt, and can read people like a book. The approval of an Emperor person is conditional.  This is the traditional “Father Knows Best” energy. Where The Empress will tenderly bandage your … [Read more…]

The Empress People

This is a person who is nurturing, supportive, and parental. Empress people make us feel safe. They express many of the qualities we would call “maternal”. These are the comforting people who kiss our booboos and provide unconditional love – “mother’s love”.  People represented by this card will show up when you need them. They’ll … [Read more…]