November is a 16/7 month!

Sixteen is an interesting number pattern. Symbolized by The Tower in Tarot and ruled by Mars, this is not anyone’s favourite energy. Most of the time we go out of our way to avoid tripping over this number. I’ll be veering into astro-numerology this month because events in astrology and numerology do line up with each other, and since eclipse season is coming, why not? 

A lot of our beliefs in systems like numerology and astrology are based on old teachings. While the 16/7 energy will never be sunshine and unicorns, instead of rehashing a bunch of doom and gloom, let’s reframe this energy for our time. It’s important to do that with these divination systems because people are turning to them in much greater numbers these days, owing to the amount of turmoil that everyone is facing. Numerology and astrology give people a more accessible and time-honoured framework with which to make sense of the world. These are not belief systems. They don’t require you to change religions or believe in impossible things. They are sets of calculations that can be interpreted and they “work” whether you believe in them or not. 

16/7 has always been feared. It relates to Mars and all the things of Mars when it becomes unbalanced: rage and destruction, uncontrolled forces that wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path. Traditionally this number has foretold catastrophes, particularly of the weather-related kind. Tornadoes, massive fires, deluges, volcanic eruptions – all are within the scope of the 16/7 energy pattern. I’m not surprised that these qualities were emphasized back in the day. Our ancestors were much more subject to the whims of the weather than we are now. Not that we can’t die in a flood because that certainly happens, but we have infrastructure and technology in place to predict and mitigate the effects of Mother Nature that our ancestors did not have. The benefits of modern living don’t occur to us because we are so used to them. 

What else is within 16/7? Well the number 16 is composed of four 4s. Four is ruled by Uranus so that lives within the 16/7 energy pattern. In Vedic numerology 4 is also ruled by Rahu. There are also two 8s within 16 and the 8 pattern is ruled by Saturn so that energy lies within the 16/7 energy pattern as well. Neptune rules the pure number reduction of 7 and if you study Vedic numerology then Ketu is significant as well.

What FUN!!

I look at 16/7 as being the great catalyst for change. Can it be cataclysmic and awful? Yes. Will some things be destroyed as a result? Yes. Will we still be standing there the next day in the ruins, processing everything? Also, yes. Uranus, Saturn, and Mars join together in the cauldron to shake the shit out of everything. Neptune being the ruler of 7, is the cauldron.

It is important to remember that 16 reduces to 7. This is a number pattern of analysis, self-reflection, mysticism, magic, and science. Yes, science. There was a time when magic and science were thought of as one. The 7 energy pattern also rules obscure realizations. Things you may not see when you are blinded by the blizzard that 16 brings become more apparent in the aftermath. In this regard 7 contains the seeds of rebuilding. 

So what about this month will be explosive? There is a new moon on the 4th. The universal day energy is 20/2, symbolized by Judgement. Think of November’s new Moon as a lunar Samhain. On a personal level, this is a great time to get up close and real with your inner darkness. There could be realizations, especially on the 3rd, as the benefic-but-also-malefic universal 19 energy pattern invites the sun’s harsh rays to put everything on display. This can provoke some strong reactions as the universal energy on the 4th manifests in sudden turning points or decisions. It’s a restless and uneasy energy that may make you feel compelled to do something, anything, to shake it off. Now this energy affects us all but some folks might feel it just a bit more: 

People born in the first few days of May (1-6th) might be feeling extra this week as their personal year energy peaks at the halfway mark. The universal energies at play are going force some surprises in situations. Things they have been working toward may manifest suddenly, ahead of schedule or they may well fall apart and change completely into something else. 

People born in the beginning of August (1-6th) are going to experience the first action point in their personal year. This energy is similar to the square in astrology. Give yourself grace this week and know that this bitey feeling will pass. It’s a good week, numerologically speaking, for these people to start taking steps to make changes in situations that bother them. So for example if you really hate you job, the universal number energy this week will show you where you’re truly unhappy. You can wallow in that and be a miserable bitch to be around or you can take that edgy, uneasy energy and channel it into skill building, polishing up your resume, or researching educational opportunities in other fields. Even if you decide to stay where you are when this temporary vibration ends around three days after your birth date, you’ll have accomplished something that may well benefit you at a later date.

People born in the beginning of February (1-6th) are going to experience the second action point of their personal year. This is the releasing point. Your peak point came in August around your birth date. So if you were born February 3rd, your personal year peak point was on or about August 3rd. Look back in your mind to events then and see what manifested for you that week. In the first few days of November you’ll feel the urge to let go of situations, people, or things as the energy of your next personal year starts to build on the horizon. Use the energy of this new moon and the universal 20 Judgement energy pattern that day to let go of what you no longer need and reconstruct your world. Be open to alternatives, however they present themselves. 

On a world level, shit will continue hitting the fan, as it has done all year. 2021 is about reconstructing the global frameworks we’ve been living within for centuries and it’s made all the more confusing by the huge amount of information that comes at us from every angle. In a Judgement+World year, no one knows what to believe. In a Tower month within a Judgement+World year, everything is laid bare, guts and all, for all to see. The world is changing, folks, and we don’t have a manual this time. We are writing it as we go. 

November is also the start of eclipse season. The full moon on the 19th is also a lunar eclipse. The universal day energy on that day is 35/8. This is an inheritance vibration. This is a temporary energy period where almost anything can happen. Everyone needs to be prepared for anything – and this is hard to prepare for. This vibration supports ambition and it’s manifestation but that doesn’t necessarily mean the rewards are great, especially during a Tower month. Promotions, contracts, raises, bonuses, and winnings are all highlighted right now but so are lay offs, firings, losses on investments, and shitty things coming home to roost. You may need to dig deep during the 17th-21st as that is when the energy of the 19th will be making itself known. Now this energy affects us all but some folks might feel it just a bit more: 

People born around this time in May (16th-22nd) will be living in interesting times as their personal year peaks. Themes that present themselves during this full moon will be present in our lives for the next couple of years, but this will be emphasized for anyone whose personal year peaks at this time. There will be some big twists of fate for folks. Practise your breathing and counting now! 

People born around the 16th-22nd of August will be experiencing the first action point in their personal year. You may find yourself unceremoniously tossing things into the trash – your space just feels cluttered and you need to get rid off STUFF. You may also be tempted toward an image overhaul or a home renovation. Lawsuits, negotiations, programs, or other potentially long term activities started around the beginning of your personal year may suddenly settle or change in some surprising ways.

People born around February 16th-22nd will be experiencing their second action point in their personal year. This is a releasing point. You might feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off your soul. That’s doesn’t mean it might not suck in the moment but whatever falls away at this time is good for you. Use the tense energy of this action point to your advantage: go walking, swimming, do something physical. This is a time when your health can really improve even if there’s stress. This is a period of vitality, so use it well and go get ‘er. 

As always, it is entirely possible to have a good day every day of every month of every year. We are the result of our responses and reactions so remember to let shit unfold and be excellent to each other. 

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