October is a 15/6 month!

15 is what the Chaldeans referred to as the spiritual alchemist. There is great magnetism and charisma in this universal month vibration. If you do nothing else this month, just keep that TikTok chant in your head, “What is meant for me, will find me”. Linked to Capricorn and The Devil of the Tarot, this month’s universal energy also has a material and physical focus. If I could tell you one thing about this month, it would be to keep your mind on your own shenanigans and work, work, work. This is the light side of the 15/6 energy pattern. This number energy has drive and initiative. There’s ambition, communication, focus, and discernment in 15/6. This energy also really supports uplifting those around you. You’ll find that when 15 is prominent, helping someone else to succeed or bringing others along with you on the road to success, seems almost magical.

But, of course, 15/6 has a shadow side. It is indulgence, politicking, selfishness, greed, behind the scenes interference, attachment to the physical, and drama. You’ll have better luck this month if you don’t try to orchestrate events like some secret fraternal poobah. Being sneaky and topping from the bottom might backfire in embarrassing ways. You’re better off just to crack the whip where everyone can see.

I don’t care what your belief system is, your ethnicity, your nationality, your race or sex – we are all wired to see the negative before the positive. We all know The Devil’s negative attributes all too well because it’s so easy to fall into them. In “The Field”, Lynn McTaggert asserts that the business of being wired for negativity over positivity is a survival trait because it keeps us somewhat self-centred. If this is you, if you find yourself falling into that pattern too much, try to use your negativity for good. In the same book, the author wrote about an energy healer in China who was being studied for his ability to destroy cancer cells with hateful angry energy. Apparently he was quite talented. See? Use your Devil side for good.

The veil between the worlds is thinning now, as we become hip deep in the dying portion of the year wheel. Under a 15/6 universal vibration magic can take a deep, dark delicious turn. If you don’t pay attention, if you’re not really all that skilled in manipulating energy, it can get away from you very quickly this month. Please be a good magical realmskeeper and don’t litter the ether with free-ranging thought forms.

For those of you who run around insisting that you only live in the light, grasp your crystals and move along, nothing to see here 😀

It’s also important to remember that as much as we place The Devil in charge of money, bodies, and other earthly matters – in the pre-Christian myths good old Lucifer was the light bringer. In his own way he brings enlightenment as much as he brings trials and tribulations. The process of deconstruction, or falling down, of shit hitting the fan under a 16/7, or Tower, influence begins with The Devil and the number 15. Well…actually….it begins with The Lovers and the 6 energy pattern but that’s a lesson for later.

October 1-7


7 of Swords

Listen to what others have to tell you this week, especially if it’s coming from someone in a position to know what they’re talking about. This is a good week to review procedures and check for flaws in any projects you’re a part of.

Do you remember Luna Lovegood telling Harry Potter that things have a way of finding their way back to her? This may well be that week for you. Things that may have been “borrowed” (like how your brother in law borrowed your table saw two years ago and just magically forgot to bring it by when he moved), lost, or owed to you, may find their way back this week. So don’t ask questions if that fold-up banquet table you had written off a year ago is magically leaning up against your garage when you get home some day this week. Just laugh and put it away. Magic workers, don’t force it. You won’t get it back if you expect it or try for it.

The universal day energy on October 1st is very much house of cards falling down. That doesn’t mean it’s a shitty day for everyone or even some of us, but look for some things out there in the big wide world to start a very public destruction sequence. The 6th may be a busy news or idea day for you. I’d say wait until the next day to make decisions because situations will change too much. By the 7th a renewed feeling is in the air. This is a great time for changing direction or starting something new.

October 8-14


2 of Swords

This week is about decisions and cooperation. Traditionally the 2 of Swords shows a woman sitting blindfolded, while the tide starts to trickle in. I grew up in a part of the world famous for its tides. Here’s the thing about them; they trickle in ever so slowly for what seems like a very long time and then BOOM! The ocean is rushing in to fill the gap. Things that you put on the back burner are going to take on a life of their own. Don’t neglect decisions, discussions, to do lists, or anything else that you think will still be there waiting patiently for you to feel like dealing with it. As Jack Kornfield wrote in Buddha’s Little Instruction Book, “The problem is, you think you have time.”


You don’t. Not this week. Our Lady of Indecision may rule the week but the individual universal day energies are all fire. Messages, plans, sudden changes and do-overs abound. You may find yourself putting out fires everywhere you look. The 10th may be especially interesting. My grandmother always said, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Hasty actions or sudden decisions can result in everything from harsh words to trips canceled to finding a new residence. By the 14th things are at a dull roar and you’ve got the world back in your hand, watching your ship come in.

October 15-21


Ace of Pentacles

This week harmonizes well with the universal energy of the month. Diligent effort is rewarded. This is a week where real world things are highlighted – money, clothing, food, the physical body. Fortune and fame follow the Ace of Pentacles, The Devil/Capricorn, and the number 15. Money, credit, loans, bonuses, and favours might seem to be falling off trees this week. If you find yourself in receipt of some tangible goodness, be grateful but remember that there is always fine print. The Devil is in the details, after all, and he has paid attention to all the fine print that we ignore.

The 16th is a particularly chaotic day. The universal energy supports competition and obstacles, but also legal dealings and settlements. An awful lot can be accomplished today if you are a skilled multi talker and mental shifter. Cooperation is the key. The 21st is a particularly good day to start assessing the things that weigh you down.

October 22-28


Ace of Swords

Master 55 is a demanding energy pattern. This vibration brings with it great fundamental changes. Master energy tends to operate on a broader scale and is less personal. Things that happen nationally or globally this week take centre stage as the energy of 55 pulls us away from mundane concerns. Fortuna’s Wheel has been spun. Large institutions, particularly ones that deal in law or religion will be on the radar this week.

This is a week where information that has been previously overlooked is discovered and brought to light. Clarity is a key word for this week, as the Ace of Sword strips away the foo foo and distractions, showing us what we need to see. Under a 55 master influence this is a week that world views will shift for many people. The 28th is ruled by a universal 43/7 vibration. This is the energy of revolution, rebellion, and upheaval.

October 29-31


9 of Swords

When 36/9 is the dominant vibration, things usually manifest effortlessly – but this isn’t 36/9 that’s in charge this week. With 63/9 as the dominant universal energy pattern this week, the earnest desire to accomplish things is there but the cart is being put before the horse. Symbolized by the 9 of Swords, 63/9 is full of struggles and delays. Anything you ignored earlier in the month or thought would just “take care of itself” or go away, is coming back. The stronger your attachment to outcomes, belief in how things must be, or material things – the harder these few days will be.

63/9 is an energy pattern that brings fulfillment through endings. How did that Madonna song go? I was the fortress you had to burn? The power of goodbye? Go listen to that song. It should be the theme song for this brief time period. If external things are making you feel like there’s no way out and you keep cycling through the same negative caca again and again – make full use of the power of goodbye. The energy at the end of October fully supports letting shit go so that something else can come take it’s place.

The 29th of October is ruled by a universal 44. This is master energy that supports great shifts in mass consciousness regarding building, planning, organization, and everyone’s stuff. A 44 temporary vibration this month opens a gateway to new ways of working and earning money. As we cycle back to the beginning and prepare to enter into the energy of November I’m reminded of what I said in my opening paragraph about the manifestation chant on Tiktok. What is meant for you will find you but under the 44 master energy pattern it is most often disguised as work.

And remember as you move forward in life, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other.

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