Location Numerology, Part One: Addresses

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So it’s a rainy, grey Saturday here in Upstate New York. This feels the perfect day to sit down with my coffee and do a blog post about this.

Numbers are, in my humble opinion, the key to the universe. Many moons ago I took physics in university and the professor declared, “The universe is math and if you believe in god, god is math.” At the time, being 17, I quietly rolled my eyes and whispered, “Well shit, no wonder god is so cranky.”

Everything about your location can be reduced to a numerical energy pattern, including your home address. Homes do carry their own spirit, their own energy. I study Vastu Shastra and in that practice we learn that whenever a structure is created, a soul or spirit of place is also created. This soul is called Purusha. The purusha of a building can be understood in many ways, but here I will talk about numbers and addresses.

Please understand that these numbers should be read in conjunction with the rest of your chart. A stand alone number interpretation may not make any sense until it is contrasted against the client’s chart. Energy patterns affect us all in unique ways and at different points in life. Location numerology is a way to discover which locations are best for a variety of things like workflow, relaxation, being busy vs being quiet, and also which locations will be challenging, requiring mitigation.

When considering addresses, the civic number is important. Traditionally street name is not considered. The time when letters factor into a calculation is when there are letters in the civic number, such as “5D” or “212C”.

If your home has an address like 4837 Jefferson Ave, then you reduce this number:


22 is master number energy but we can reduce it again to 4. Master energy is demanding, and no one functions at a high vibration all the time, so it is important to look at the single digit energy as well.

If the address is 4837 Jefferson Ave, #12, then we reduce like this:

First, the building civic address: 4+8+3+7 = 22/4

Then the apartment number: 12=1+2=3 We can look at this as 12/3 because both those numbers are important. If the unit number was “12B” then we would add 1+2+2 = 5. The value of B in numerology is 2.

As a single home, this building carries 22/4 energy within it that is a direct influence for anyone staying at this address. As an apartment building, this 22/4 energy is a more general influence while the 12/3 energy of the apartment is the direct pattern.

Now let’s throw one more type of address:

4837 Jefferson Ave, Building F, Apt 12

The 4837 (22/4) vibration now encompasses an entire complex. Building F vibrates to the 8 energy pattern, and the apartment is 12/3.

This would be a micro-community all living under a master number influence that would be greatly amplified in Building F, because of that building’s very ambitious 8 vibration. Those living in an apartment with a 12/3 number pattern would need to live impeccably: a 22/4 community is a busy, energetic place with a lot going on, where the rules are strictly enforced. Building F in this environment would be conducive to anyone seeking power and upward mobility. The residents of apartment 12 will have to guard against procrastination but they also need to set a high standard for themselves. The 3 pattern is very sociable and outgoing, and this bodes well in a complex dominated by 22/4 and 8, but the parent number 12 – in addition to ruling large institutions like government ministries, banks, prisons, and hospitals – also rules secrets and secret activities, particularly those activities which are not above board.

This would be an ideal housing unit for a young professional in a competitive field, with a life path number of 3, 6, 8, or 9, seeking a direct rise to the top. They just need to mind how they get there because the chances of being caught with their hand in the cookie jar and being made an example of, rise significantly under these vibrations.

This is just one example. This particular address will emphasize different qualities in everyone who lives there, and the energy will hit differently depending on what phase of life they’re in, as well as aspects such as personal year, month, and day. We can get as simplified or as drilled down as we like.

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