September is a 14/5 month!

Alright, after  all the craziness of last month’s karmic 13/4 vibration, let’s have some shenanigans under a Sagittarian-ruled 14/5. That’s got to be a relief hahahaha.

This month carries a 14/5 vibration and all the other numbers are expressed through it. 14/5 is a truth seeking, experiential energy pattern that fluctuates between curiosity and wrath. Because it reduces to 5, this energy pattern is very mutable and changeable. Like mutable zodiac signs, this number pattern is flexible and not fixed. 5 is open, tolerant, and accommodating of new information. 14, being composed of 1 and 4 is much more rigid and holds things to a high standard. When it reduces to 5, the desire for knowledge in this energy pattern can be both idealistic and fragile. This is where the wrath comes in. The blunt ugliness of reality can make the 14/5 pattern into a self-righteous angry energy. 

There is also a love of the sensual in 14/5. This is an experiential pattern that wants to drink from the cup of life in all its forms. Eating, drinking, sex, drugs, and rock&roll – 14/5 wants it all, deep fried with extra hot sauce. To mirror this, there is is an impatience, a fear of missing out in 14. This anxiety can turn into overindulgence. The shadow side of 5 involves addictions of all sorts: food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gambling, thrill-seeking – it’s all there, simmering quietly under the surface. Any month can be a bad time for addictions, but in a universal month (14/5) within a universal year (5) indulgence is very much supported right now, so be wary of overdoing it or letting anxieties get a hold of you.  

Experiences may force us to slow down and pause this month. We need to temper our desires and take the middle road under a 14/5 universal vibration. Both the angel of Temperance (14) and the priest of The Hierophant (5) have learned to master their desires and channel this energy into service. The angel serves the higher self/intellect and the hierophant serves the physical world. 

Our words have much influence this month, for better or for worse. Language and art are also important this month. Competitive situations arise and under a mutable number influence, things change quickly for no discernible reason. 

Week one carries a minor 45/9 vibration. Pride is strong this week as is a strong determination to carry out goals. The energy is also conducive to disappointment with what is. Expectations may not be met. Expected things or events may be delayed. What does arrive or occur may feel underwhelming. Rather than focus on what you don’t get this week, celebrate what you do get. Let the things that didn’t work out fall away and move past them. If something is delayed, shift and work around that as best you can. Focus on your small gains to create more. So if you come into some extra money this week, for example, don’t waste energy being upset that you didn’t get more. Save it, invest it, spend a little on fun things, and put the rest towards something that you believe in. When you contribute to the circle you keep the circle growing, even if your contribution is very small. It will cycle back to you.

Week two carries a minor 67/4 vibration. Patience is a virtue this week. This may be a frustrating week as the month energy favours spontaneous action but 67/4 is very methodical and structured. However, the minor energy this week supports the independent nature of this month’s universal energy. Use your own talents and resources this week. Work with what you have. Google it yourself. This may be a tight week, so working within a strict budget may be necessary. Things that were expected last week may still not be present. Community service is highlighted this week. This could be actual structured community work, or it could be doing good turns for your neighbours, it could also be donating to things online, or showing up to a protest. Today is also a week to engage in some serious self reflection, to examine the ways in which you hobble yourself professionally and personally. 

Week three carries a minor 71/8 vibration. Opportunity, advancement, and gain are the keywords this week. This is also a good week for inheritances or windfalls. This week bodes well for job seekers and those who are trying to be noticed at work. The big ideas of the 14/5 month energy are supported this week. This is the week to expand your horizons and show others what you can do. The shadow side to 71/8 is shrinking and going within. This is the week to shine, not to stay hidden in your shell. 

Week four carries a minor 57/3 vibration. This is a week of growth, manifestation, and optimism. The universal energy of the month is well supported this week. Some of you may get caught up in the emotional shadow side of this number pattern, bemoaning what never was in the first week. If the first week of September is underwhelming and a wee bit sucky, and things do cycle back for comfort food-filled reboot – now is a good time to breathe and detach. Emotional situations are more likely this week, but they’re more like.y to be positive than negative. Overall this is a vibration that encourages expression, emotions, and communication. This is a great week for stepping out artistically. If you don’t think of yourself as creative, why not plan a Pinterest Fail Party and get a few friends together to try Pinterest crafts. It could be amusing and fun. 

The last partial week carries a minor 51/6 vibration. The last few days are very focused and tense as we transition into the universal 15/6 energy of October. Perception is an important words over the next few days. Don’t take things personally and try to see all sides of an issue. Project an impartial, cool attitude and try your best to keep your opinions to yourself these last few days. This is difficult in a 14/5 month, bossiness is definitely a supported energy but resist. The truth will out, all on its own. 

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