Governor Cuomo Resigns – The Numerology around this event

This has been an interesting case to watch unfold. As you read this bear in mind that I’m not passing judgement or giving my opinion. I’m just looking at the numbers and their energy patterns.

So let’s look at the numbers:

31/4 life path – this is a very strong 4. People with this LP are seen as results-oriented individuals who want to do things their way. 4 is about learning to work within established boundaries and more so than the other 4 LP combinations, 31/4s tend towards being very independent in their actions. They also tend to do things the hard or round about way. A positive 31/4 is someone you want in your corner. They just won’t stop head-butting the enemy. A negative 31/4 is impatient, mouthy, generally belligerent, and steps outside of the boundaries to get what they want.

13/4 personal year. Cuomo just started his personal 2020 vibration at his birthday LAST December. He won’t enter his personal 2021 vibration until his NEXT birthday in this year, on December 6th. 

Why is this important? 

2020 was a shit of a year. Double Judgement cards, folks. As you well know, Tarot is my metaphor for describing the numerical patterns of the universe, because it works particularly well for this. 

The heat won’t lessen for him until right around December of this year when he begins his 2021 vibration on the 6th. Not that anyone’s 2021 vibration is any better. I predicted 2021 to be a serious, confusing time where the information was changing too quickly to be processed, thus creating distrust and resentment. So far, judging by the tenfold increase of vaccine-related bullshit being cheerfully shared by the masses, and the flipping back and forth on masks and restrictions, I’ve been correct. 

Let’s get back to his personal year of 13/4. This type of 4 energy pattern is a karmic year when things come home to roost, to be dealt with in this lifetime. 

What this means, for the new folks in the auditorium: he carried energy from a past life into this one, and he kept repeating the same patterns. Those patterns could have been related to anything. It does not mean he was a man in this past life, it does not mean he was a politician. It may not even be the life that occurred immediately before this one. 

What it DOES NOT mean: that he is being randomly targeted in this life for actions from a past life. A lot of people get this one wrong when they start looking at the past life impacting the present life. No no no. He’s being brought to Jesus for what he did in this life. THIS life. If you believe in reincarnation, then he hasn’t changed his behavioural patterns over the course of a few lifetimes.

Many people will argue that reincarnation is not a thing and past lives are hooey. Since it’s a difficult belief to prove, they’re not wrong. The people who have documented what they believe to be past life regressions, who believe in reincarnation, are not wrong, either. Potato, potahto. 

The shitshow began on the 13th of December 2020, a week into his 2020 personal year vibration. About three months in his personal year, in March 2021, the accusations peaked. ABC News created a timeline of events. His first action point in his personal year was March 6th. It’s like a square in astrology – the tension at this time is like a zit that desperately needs to be popped. So March was a tense, busy month for the now former Governor of New York. Then the trickle dropped off and we approach the peak point for his personal year in June. It was at this time that he lifted the COVID restrictions in NY state. 

After the peak point, the energy in a persons personal year shifts. Things start to manifest for the individual, largely dependent on what they’ve done in the first half of the year. As we approach his second action point in September, he has resigned his office. He announced this on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021. Since this event occurs almost four weeks before his next action point and isn’t part of that energy, I’ll be interested in seeing what happens to him next month.

Let’s have a look at this day. It is ruled by a universal energy pattern that affects us all to some degree. 

The universal year is a pure 5. This is a year in which everyone wants freedom. We may all be feeling restless. Massive change is in the air. 

The universal month of August 2021 is a 13/4. This is a month of things coming home to roost in general. In my blog post about this month, I talked about what the universal energy might feel like for us all as it runs in the background like a computer program.

The universal day energy yesterday was 23/5. This is a number of action and movement into the outer world. Things advance rapidly under this number pattern, and they unfold for the greeter good. It is ruled by Leo and the King of Wands. Positively, it’s energy concerns community, outreach, and protection. Negatively, it’s energy is about rash behaviour, outbursts, and entitlement.

So we know that during a 13/4 month on a 23/5 day, Governor Cuomo resigned. Let’s look at his numbers:

His personal year is 13/4, symbolized by Death in the Tarot. I’ve covered the significance of his personal year already. 

His personal month for this August is 21/3, symbolized by The World in the Tarot deck. This is a month of closing things out completely. It’s also a month of rapid developments, ever changing information from many sources, and drama.

His personal day yesterday was 31/4. This personal day matches his Life Path, which is also 31/4. I always note the personal days that work out to a person’s Life Path because those days generally turn out to be interesting. Interestingly enough, the Tarot card that corresponds to 31/4 is the 5 of Wands, “The Lord of Chaos”, also titled “Conflict” or “Challenge”. 

13/4 was a significant energy pattern for the former Governor Cuomo. 

I’ll keep an eye on this and update when things happen.

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