So you’re not seeing repeating numbers

Or, you’re not seeing the really cool ones.

I want to address something that came up yesterday on TikTok when I got people to focus, let a number come them, and give it to me for interpretation. Publicly one person felt like she was missing out on synchronicities but privately I got messages saying similar things. I wondered if I would hear more about this when I woke up this morning and I was not disappointed. For someone with a teeny weeny following, I got a lot of messages about this.

Since the 90s there’s been a huge focus on repeating three and four digit numbers: 111, 1111, 222, 555, 1212, 2222 etc. That’s a recent phenomenon in the esoteric study of numbers and it has more to do with our shift to a digital age and a completely different world view than it does with anything else.

Calling them angel numbers is new, too, and it was a marketing thing created by Doreen Virtue to sell oracle decks. Angels are not handing out numbers. I’m going to digress for a moment because I feel a wee rant about this coming on….

Guardian angel magical guides aren’t lining up to hand out 11:11s like candy. They aren’t pretty white ladies just itching to share the secrets of the universe with you. They’re also not universal. That’s arrogant colonial thinking and the new age community is full of it. Angels are Yehovah’s henchmen and they’re terrifying to behold. They’re not hanging around waiting for you turn over your oracle cards for a divine angel message. Come on, folks.

Incidentally, a few years back, Doreen Virtue came forward and completely disavowed her work saying that it was all hooey. She’s found Jesus now and no longer creates New Age material because she feels it’s all a lie but somehow that doesn’t stop her from collecting royalties on 25 years spent churning out the same book and deck over and over again.

Ok, rant over.

Back to the repeating numbers thing.

Some people’s higher selves show them feathers. Some people see things in clouds and tea leaves. Or cards. Or numbers, like we’re talking about here. You’ll note I keep saying “higher self”. I do that in my videos, too. I take the belief that we are fully capable of communicating these things to ourselves and that we don’t need to be leaning on spirits, guides, angels, gods, etc. It also keeps things neutral. If I call them spirits, I’m leaving out the ancestor crowd. If I call them gods, I’m alienating the spirit guide people. If I call them ancestors, I’m offending someone else.

That said, I really do believe that we don’t give ourselves enough credit. What’s the point in believing that we’re all connected in some invisible psychic web that transcends time and space if we turn around and burn candles to some entity we only just read about? It’s you, ok? It’s YOU. You make the magic happen. This line of thinking goes right up there with assuming that aliens must have made ancient structures. Our ancestors were every bit as intelligent as we are now. They certainly could have figured out pyramids and Stonehenge without any fucking inter-dimensional lizard people.

I ranted again. I’m sorry…except that it’s a Canadian sorry….which is not a genuine sorry. Back on track, back on track….

All these repeating number sequences are new for us as of the 1970s. That’s when they started to become a thing, but it would be another twenty years before they became “angel numbers” or associated with concepts like “spiritual DNA”. I don’t think there’s been too many mentions prior to that. If you’re not seeing them it does not mean anything bad. You are not unlucky. You are not cursed. You are not a day late and a dollar short. You aren’t missing out on good things. You’re fine. Not seeing 3333 ain’t the end of the world. I promise it isn’t. I’m a numerologist and I don’t see a lot of repeating numbers like this.

If you Google these number sequences, most of the sites will tell you the same things, phrased in slightly different ways. One, it’s because they’re all copying each other and the “angel numbers” people are rehashing Doreen Virtue. The “numerology” people are rehashing Hans Decoz. But they also sound eerily similar because the interpretations on these repeating numbers are just being written. In other times in history people who studied the mystical properties of numbers weren’t really interested in those particular number patterns. Some ancients cultures that contributed to the body of knowledge in esoteric number studies didn’t use base ten mathematics like we do and some places don’t today.

It also bears mentioning that a lot of pre-1905 numerological texts had nothing nice to say about 11 and it’s multiples. When they were mentioned, it was usually to characterize them as “dark forces” or “unfortunate”. Master numbers have a higher vibration and as a result, they do demand more energy. When you seek to intentionally invoke these energies into your life it can be a lot to handle.

If you go to my TikTok account and look at all the videos I did for people with random numbers, you’ll find that the most heartfelt and strong responses did not come from the 11:11 crowd. The best responses came from the odd-looking numbers crowd. I don’t think the multiples of 11 or repeating single digits that we keep seeing serve as much more than a poke from our higher selves to stop and be mindful of what we’re doing or thinking in that moment. That doesn’t make them any less important, just less mystical and mysterious.

Can those numbers have other meanings? Of course! Repeating numbers are intensifications of the single digit that keeps repeating. So if you’re seeing 555 or 5555, is it possible that you have a desire to put your toys down and hit the road? Five is an experiential energy pattern that wants to do it all, know it all, see it all.

But if you’re not seeing 555 or any of the other numbers, no worries. Remember folks, numerology is more than repeating 11s and it isn’t a belief system. It’s a set of calculations and interpretations. It’s one way of trying to make sense of the world and our place within it, but it’s not the only way. Get up, go forward, and seize the day with all the other people who AREN’T getting wound up about numbers or planets or cards, and yet they are still succeeding at things.


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