August is a 13/4 month!

August 2021 is a universal 13/4 month. This number pattern is symbolized by the Death card in Tarot and ruled over by Scorpio AND Taurus. Fun and games!

Change, release, and transformation are keywords for this Karmic 13 month. Remember, Karmic numbers aren’t “bad” per se, they’re intense and their energy vibration is conducive to working on things that need to be worked on. When they occur in the general numerology for a specific period of time – like the month of August – think of these numbers as sticky notes from the Universe’s Honey Do list. This 13/4 number pattern affects everyone to some degree because the universal numbers are within everyone’s personal month and day numbers. Think of it as a backdrop to your existence.

So what does a 13/4 number pattern mean? Well, Malefic or Karmic 13/4 is about WORK and work’s alter ego, LAZINESS. This doesn’t necessarily mean work as in your job. This is a time period to examine what you’ve been slacking on. Maybe it is your job. Maybe you’ve been sweeping things under the rug, things that bother you, or things that bother your coworkers, cutting corners, cutting budgets – those things will be brought up to be dealt with. Maybe it’s your soccer team. Maybe you need to be working harder on your form during games. Instead, you’re watching soccer on ESPN and not practising. Perhaps it’s your spending. Or your romantic relationship. It’s something and that something will be different for everyone.

“Brought up to be dealt with” – that sounds so professional, right? So here’s what that means: getting chewed out by coworkers who are tired of your corner-cutting lazy arse. Getting cut from the team for not holding up your end. Your spouse blows up because they’re tired of everyone getting fresh and happy you, when they get tired cranky you that criticizes everything and contributes little.

It can also mean YOU feeling this way towards people around you in the various areas of your life. FUN, eh?

You get the idea.

Last month was a month of retraction. I predicted that some of the emerging freedoms we enjoyed would be going bye-bye and here we are, being told that masking regardless of vaccine status, will be a thing again. It is already in some areas. The cross border travel privileges that so many of us, myself included, in North America were looking forward to are up in the air as the USA and Canada do a personality flip: Canada, the plot twist goes, wants the border open and is greatly easing restrictions relative to how it used to be. The USA, also playing the opposites game, is talking about tightening up as the COVID-19 Delta variant rips through the country. Fun and games. Expect lockdowns to continue in Canada and to start up again all across the USA, most likely by then end of October.

Now let’s not forget that 13 reduces to 4. This is a strong number on its own and is tied to 8, which is the number of the month of August. 4/8 combinations can be extraordinarily wonderful or really, tooth-grindingly difficult. It’s all in whether you react or respond to things. If you react, you’ll likely spend this month waiting for it to be over. If you respond, and bend and sway like the willow in the wind and lean into the suck, you’ll have a much better time of things.

August 1st-7th days are each ruled by Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement

August 1-7th starts out with a lot of giddy excitement, today being under a benefic 14/5 influence. This quickly turns into a “WTF???” on the 2nd and 3rd as we move in 15 and 16 energy patterns ruled by The Devil and The Tower. This transitions into “Oh me nerves” as we move into The Star, The Moon, and The Sun. We end off the week with a “hard look at things” as The Sun casts its bright light of illumination and Judgement holds your head still so you have to look at it all.

There’s a lot of nervous energy this week. Expect some things that no longer serve you to be removed. You may not lose your job or coveted spot on the team but you will, at the very least, be changing your thinking on some matters.

August 8th – 14th days are ruled by The World, The Fool, King of Wands, Queen of Wands, Knight of Wands, Page of Wands, and Ace of Wands.

This week starts off with a whole new energy. We’ll all be closing out something in week one and moving on to other things in week two. The 8th is a big day in New Age circles, being the best day of something called The Lion’s Gate Portal, an annual astrological event every Leo season. It’s the New Moon and being the 8th day of the 8th month also makes it a big deal for folks out there. The new age community is a funny animal, though. They love repeating numbers and other harmonious looking arrangements and they run right out to the spirit circle to do some some shiny magic without really stopping to consider the whole picture. This is an 8th day in the 8th month whose universal pattern is a karmic 13/4. 8 is also a number strongly tied to karma and deep, dark energy. So if you plan to wave your culturally appropriated sage stick around while you ask the New Age White Angel Barbies to grant you ALL THE THINGS just be ready to get exactly what you wished for in the most literal in-your-face way. Perhaps throw down some obsidian first.

But this is an important day, though, because it is dominated by the 21 energy pattern and it is only through accepting this new world as it is laid bare for you, can you let go of the tired old crap that you keep recycling. Even if you don’t do anything magical. Even if you sleep through making your moon water, shift happens.

The 9th of this month vibrates to a universal 22 energy pattern. This is master energy and it can be as tense and irritating as it can be creative and inspiring. You’ll probably see some small gains today, from things started last month.

The energy of the week is dominated by a trip through the Wands Family, with all their joyful energy and dysfunction. The first week lays bare all the bullshit, the second week sees the fallout and drama. Expect exaggerated communication, over-idealizing, and 14 year old girl reactions to what are probably ordinary situations.

August 15th – 21st days we are treated to the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Wands so lay out your Tarot cards accordingly. This will be a great time to manifest things so all you quantum jumpers get your water glasses ready. The 16th of this month vibrates to a master 29/11 energy. This kicks off a learning period for everyone. Help will be there but you’ll probably have to seek it out and ask. Approached fearfully or with a shitty attitude, all of your negative thinking prophecies will be fulfilled. You get out what you put in, which you do all the time anyway, but today starts a period of rapid manifestation and rapid development in situations. Your ship does come in this week, starting today. Your actions and choices will determine if it’s like a Hapag Lloyd loaded with rewards or the Mary Celeste.

The master energy of 33 hits us square in the nads on the 20th. Your eyes will be opened today. Who knows, maybe today is the day you wake up from The Matrix. Most likely today is a day that will see you putting your plans and needs aside as responsibilities to others become more important. Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on the 19th and as such, in a month with 13/4 ( 4 has Uranus/Taurus rulership) energy, expect master energy of the 20th, 25th, and 31st to be more tightly wound than usual.

August 22nd – 28th days are symbolized by the 9 and 10 of Wands. The 24th sees the energy shift and we are hanging with the super emotional Cups Family. So the remaining five days of this period are symbolized by the King, Queen, Knight, Page, and Ace of Cups.

The full moon on the 22nd makes two full moons in Aquarius during Leo season. Oooooh FUN…..AND we begin sparkling clean and critical Virgo season on top of that. Check in with your favorite astrologer because there’s a lot happening this month. Go see Laurie over at Woke Astrology.

The 23rd carries what I call “Tesla energy”. Nickola Tesla was a big fan of the 3/6/9 pattern and said that anyone who could harness it could manifest anything. The 23rd vibrates to a 36/9 energy pattern, so get out your quartz clusters. Today is also a day to strengthen property wards and mend magical fences. It’s also an energy pattern that can create loss as much as it can create gain. Just bear in mind that losses which occur in this month are for the greater good. Whatever falls away from you at this time was going to come to an end and it will set you free.

The week starts off intensely and then shifts into Cups ruled number patterns. Emotions are strong. Try to focus on those people, places, and things where you find joy. Eat the donut and add to cart this week, I won’t judge.

August 29 – 31 days are symbolized by the 2, 3, and 4 of Cups. We’ll all start to feel the pull of September’s 14/5 energy during these last few days of August. These are happy, emotional, huggy-kissy energy patterns. We become more contemplative and likely to process the events of this month as we move toward the last day of August, under a master 44/8 vibration, symbolized by the 4 of Cups. As a master number full of 4/8 energy it will hit harder especially after Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This is intense energy that re-evaluates everything, ending a collective karmic kick in the arse. During this period you may find yourself reaching out spiritually, looking for the answers that put things into perspective. The answers can be found within.

This energy pattern caps off an intense manifestation period – share the rewards with others – whether they are physical or temporal.

You know, I just reread those last three sentences after I hit the publish button and I have to say, yes, that’s my interpretation but damn – that kind of carries the same sucky punch as finding out Dorothy could have gone home if she’d just clicked her damned heels. So there. Relax. Walk the yellow brick road this month knowing it’ll all be fine and you’ll get to the other end of August with your shit mostly intact. Ignore everything else I just wrote about August knowing that in a month’s time we’ll all be mediating and going within.

If you want a set of month by month personal predictions, I’ll be back to doing charts mid-August. Email me at or, for monthly a Tarot reading subscription, check me out at buymeacoffee.

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