July is 12/3 month!

This is a month of retraction. After the burst of energy last month, we may have collectively been a bit impulsive. This is how it goes, though. Things aren’t really random, they happen in cycles. 

Last year after July 2020’s 11 universal month, we burst out of our homes raring to go and do some serious peopling last summer after months spent in lockdown. The end result was that during our 12 universal august month – an energy of two steps forward, one step back, freedoms started rolling back, numbers started climbing – the penance for letting our hair down and falling under 11’s spell the month before.  It happens cyclically every time like this except as of last year these moments became more pronounced as we entered the 2020s. 

This month is no different. There will be a retraction of energy this month, reversals, and quiet pauses. Plans may fall apart at the collective level. Things that we were expecting at that level get put on hold. This could mean benefits and programs that we have been counting on or gotten used to receiving, won’t be coming or will be delayed. Markets might correct and bubbles might burst. A 12 universal energy pattern brings surrender. It reverses and stops things, sometimes through unorthodox ways. 

This is the number of The Hanged Man, who relaxes into his bondage. Only then can he see things from a different perspective, go within, and journey inward. When we remove the busyness of last month, cause and effect are noticeable and pronounced. Things are not what they appeared to be last month. 

Of course it’s still summertime. There will be sunny days and BBQ and taking the kids to the beach. Those things are still on. 

12 reduces to 3, we mustn’t forget that. The 12 is the undercurrent, the behind the scenes force that everything else rests on. The 3 is what we’ll see most often at the personal level. This energy pattern has a flair for drama and hilarity. With a worldly backdrop of restriction and review, expect some over the top and grand behaviour from people. Our worlds might be falling apart in these covid times but we still want to put our best foot forward, get our hair done, be pretty, dance in the streets, and fall in love a few times. Why not?  

At the personal level we will feel 3 the most. The 12 pattern rules governments and large institutions. They’ll do what they always do and we’ll do what we always do. For every goalpost that gets moved (12 in action) there’s someone who figures out a creative solution to keep people happy. That’s the 3 pattern in action. 

This is a great month to take up something like group rollerblading. Or frisbee. Or hula hoops. Fun physical activities with others. People will have a lot of energy this month and without an energetic, enjoyable, communal way to burn it off, unused energy could manifest in arguments. A shitty 3 isn’t a fighter but they’ll make you think they are. They’ll dance around and play shoulders with you, pushing your buttons with taunts. 

Ultimately every day is what you make of it, regardless of what the planets, cards, or numbers say. As always, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!! 

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