Birthday Cycles.

So astrology has the Saturn Return.

*Cue the ominous music*

Numerology has the Birthday Cycles. They’re not ominous, though. Neither is the Saturn Return, either, but we like to joke about it. The Birthday Cycles simply show the governing energy in different phases of life. There are three phases:

  • The month of birth governs the first third of life. The actual amount of time is determined by calculation. This cycle can be as short as 26 years or as long as 35 years.
  • The date of birth governs the second third of life. The amount of time for this cycle is 27 years.
  • The year of birth governs the remaining years of life.

These numbers can be read alongside Pinnacles and Challenges, if you use them. These are numbers also derived from the DOB. Their influence is sweeping and broad. It’s not as direct as, say, name progressions or personal months or days.

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