June is a Master Month!

June 2021 vibrates to the 11 energy pattern. This is a master vibration, as are all multiples of 11. Master number energy patterns are an octave above the 1-9 spectrum and so they bring with them a higher energy level and with that, more stresses. There is a desire, when under the influence of a master vibration, to want to do ALL THE THINGS all at once. This is where the stress and anxiety of master numbers happens, because it is difficult to be this switched on all the time. It is important to remember that 11 reduces to 2. If you’re feeling stretched this month, draw on the gentle, compassionate energy of the 2 vibration.

Collectively we will start a rebuilding cycle this month. 11 is survivor energy. This is a short term energy phase where we will start taking a few steps forward to rebuilding our new normal. It’s important to remember that an 11/2 energy phase is gestational- things are happening but that may not be easy to see and patience is required. The last time we experienced an 11 universal month was July 2020, when most of the world had finally emerged out of the global lockdown and things were opened up again.

It is also important to note that this is the UNIVERSAL energy for this month. Your personal month energy may not be 11. The universal energy will be contained within and modified by, your personal energy. For a one year personal month by month forecast, click here!

This is a great month to revive old fashioned personal touches like thank you notes or calling cards. An 11 universal month is a time to exercise patience and compassion. When it happens in a 5 year it’s also a time of nosiness, gossip, and generally judgey box behaviour – instead of turning into Gladys Kravitz, knock on your neighbour’s door and check in on them. Give your freezing coworker the office sweater instead of judging her for cap sleeves after 40. We will all be especially sensitive to people and their idiosyncrasies this month. We are all processing the same energy and the collective conscious is a thing – remember this before you give in to the urge to tell someone how swell they are. If it feels like everyone is taking everything too personally right now and you’re surrounded by emo kids, it’s because they are and so are you, my little snowflake. Be kind to others and maybe they’ll be kind right back.

The 11 pattern carries the 2 pattern as its root, so being good to yourself might look like nesting at home on the weekend or saying no to a night out. This is an 11 universal month within a 5 universal year, so burning the candle at both ends is something that we’ll all be feeling this June. A little sauna or massage time certainly won’t hurt.

This is an idealistic vibration and expectations could be rather lofty. Not everyone will live up to whatever mental movie you’ve built up in your head. Forgive them and forgive yourself. People are moving as quickly as they can on things. Patience is short during an 11 period. It’s not just you that feels held up, sweetcakes. Someone else might be tapping their toe and cursing your name this month. It goes both ways. This is a month to sit on your hands, button your lip, and open your ears – difficult to do because you might well be full of piss and vinegar and fabulous ideas. Wait until it’s your turn for the talking stick. Your mind is ready for some new thoughts to move in and unpack, but if you don’t sit still and pay attention you might miss out.

11 energy can also manifest in some strange ways. Modified by a 5 year, expect glitches in The Matrix. Déjà vu is a thing and you might swear you said that/saw that/came here already. Don’t be surprised if eerie connections make themselves known or if you start getting exactly what you wish for. The year/month combination is also baseline energy for strange accidents this month due to the enhanced feeling of immortality that inquisitive 11 gets when combined with experiential 5. Check your bungee cords, don’t feed twinkies to the alligators no matter how wistful they look, and check both ways before you cross the street.

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