The Numerology of 2021

20 has been with us as a vibrational energy since January 1, 2000, but it’s influence was subtle. This is mainly because we didn’t see it or speak it. When you look at 2000, you don’t say “twenty double zero” or “twenty zero zero”. You say “two thousand” or it’s hipper cousin, “Y2K”. The same holds true for the years after this. We don’t say “twenty oh seven” or “twenty zero seven”, we say “two thousand seven”. People don’t realize how the magic of their perception shapes their reality. Even other languages have adopted this Western way of saying the year.

We didn’t start to give 20/Judgement it’s own breath until 2010, which I’ve never heard said “two thousand ten” always, “twenty ten”. The energy of 20 grew until it doubled on itself in 2020. Double Judgement, folks, completely in line with everything that happened. I go more into the year of 2020 here where I did a card reading called “The Great Fuckening”. That’s in the past, so let’s talk about now.

The 20 vibration will be with us for the rest of this century. It’ll probably take Judgement/The High Priestess that long to dismantle mental/cultural structures like colonialism and patriarchy. This year we are midway through 2021. Within the 20/Judgement energy pattern we will continue to see the massive restructuring of industries and the world economy. This shift will force new solutions at an amazing speed. Under the influence of 20 we don’t keep the machine going. We strip it, keep the parts that work, and try to build something else. Decisive actions are required under the 20 energy pattern. Committees, delaying tactics, anything that slows the shift down causes anxiety to the point of collective mental health issues. The silver lining to this is that over the last few years and especially within the last year, there is a huge social media movement springing up to normalize mental health problems. For those of us whose thinking is still firmly rooted in the past, this might seem weak or snowflakey, but given that we will be dealing with the mental fallout from “all of this” for about the next ten to fifteen years, normalization is needed. Buckle up Boomer, you’re going to be in for a bumpy ride on the Snowflake Express.

21 is the part of the 2021 vibration that closes the book on the old world. In 2022 we crack the spine on an entirely new book. There’s no going back now. Thoughts become things very quickly under a global 21 influence and The World/The Empress – especially The Empress – have a very direct A B C route to manifestation. Quite often, as has happened thus far this year, things have manifested too quickly to be fully understood before they’re all the way “out there”. We saw this energy emerge and grow strength in the last two months of 2020, which is what happens with year energy. Often we feel the pull of new energy emerging before it arrives. The 21 energy pattern, like the 20 pattern contains within it the silent energy of the High Priestess who works in the background.

This year reduces to a 5 vibration(2021=2+0+2+1=5). Everyone born this year will carry that yearning for freedom and change as a hidden undercurrent in their life path number.

During a five universal year, we all low-key vibe to freedom. We want to feel the wind in our hair. We’ve had enough of sitting in the house and we are all the way over last year’s intense 4 universal energy (2020=2+0+2+0=4). We are chomping at the bit to experience life. Last year was an intense 4 pattern as we definitely learned to function within very strict parameters with exactly the resources at hand. We’ll be living in its shadow for a few years yet.

The influence of 21 within this year is magnified: our minds are on fast forward. We can’t keep pace with all the information we’re being subjected to. We’re collectively easily distracted and unfortunately easily led. We need to function as a bloc and put our devices on airplane mode for a while, to give our brains a break. I’m not even kidding.

It’s been over four weeks since I’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube and I feel pretty good. I mean that, I really do. I’m not sure at what time I did this, but at about the same time that I stopped visiting all of these social media sites, I also stopped watching television. I’ve been reading. I rebuilt my crochet site. I revived this numerology site from the bones of my personal blog. I’ve been doing readings. I’ve been filming patterns. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I’m not getting sucked into arguments about made up issues on social media or feeling depressed because of all the doom and gloom on the news. I like the world again, it’s a pretty fantastic place.

2021/5 is an experiential energy. 5 wants to drink the drink, eat the delicious food, make all the art, have all the sex, read the books, take the course, and fly away to parts unknown – I’ll take one of everything please. As a 23/5 Pisces, I want to believe that everyone will take a moment and savour every smell, every taste, every blessed little sensation because that is the domain of 5, but we live in a culture of bigger, better, faster, more. So it’s more likely that there will continue to be a lot of rule breaking and frazzled, stressed behaviour in the collective. The downside to the 5 energy pattern is excess, addiction, and a hyperactive, belligerent energy that burns itself right out. If you know any 5 life paths, 5 birth dates (5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month), or 5 personal year folk, watch them for overeating, excessive drinking, etc.

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