TikTok Readings

Payable through Venmo, message me at TikTok first!

Tarot-Numerology Core Chart: 20USD 

This is a condensed look at your numerology birth chart, using a 3 minute video. Its a rapid fire reading. It’ll cover your main numbers (Cornerstone, Life Lessons, Expression, Heart, and Destiny) and give highlights. It’s a thumbnail sketch and doesn’t go into the depth that an emailed chart will. It’ll display your chart visualized with Tarot. I’ll need your full name and DOB for this. 

Personal Year Reading: 20USD

This is a condensed look at your personal year. It’s a rapid fire look at the predominant energy from your most recent birthday to your next birthday, so I will need your DOB for this. It doesn’t go into great depth but does provide highlights.

Tarot Reading: 20USD

One question, four cards. I’ll need your first name to focus on. It’s not a deep read in three minutes but it’ll tell you what you need to know. 

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