My Process

I want to tell you about my process because I attract a lot of people who are neurodiverse, like me. I find it to be very helpful when I know exactly what will happen, to the best of my ability. There’s much less anxiety that way. If you are neurotypical or don’t have anxiety then this may seem like a lot of explaining the obvious, but I know who my people are💗

All readings are done as the orders are received. I try to get them to you in 24-48 hrs but they’re not cut & paste jobs. I’m actually taking the time to interpret how all of your numbers interact with each other to give you the best possible reading.

Big charts like the Core or the Trans Rebirth take 4-6 hours to interpret and compile. Usually, though, they take longer so I only book in one per day.

Smaller charts like the Name Change or the Personal Year don’t take as long but they’re not quick, either. I try not to book more than two in a day.

Tarot readings take a couple of hours to interpret and compile. I try not to book more than a few in a day.

I don’t do Zoom readings or other on camera readings. It’s much easier for me to read without the client present. Camera readings are extremely distracting for me. Clients can unintentionally lead the reading with body language or facial expressions. Noise can also be an issue for me. Household noises are not a big deal to the people who are used to them but I have a hard time focusing on the reading when pets, children, spouses, and traffic, etc are always in the background. Likewise for cell phones.

If I have to recentre to get back on track, that might look like me closing my eyes and meditating for ten minutes. It might look like me pacing and rubbing my hands – stimming. Often clients don’t understand what is going on and they become bored, confused, or upset. When I do the reading alone, I can get up and do jumping jacks if I have to.

I start big charts at 10am. That gives me the day to do them and I’m fresh when I do it. So if you purchase a reading Monday evening, I will start it the following morning if I don’t have anything else booked.

I begin with my calculations. Then I pull the corresponding cards and arrange them according to what part of the chart I’m on. After that I take pictures and edit them. I do my interpretations and enter all the information into the ebook.

I will email you when I see that I have an order and a payment, to let you know when I’ll be starting and when you can reasonably expect your reading.

If you find yourself in an anxiety spiral “She forgot about me/Did she get my order/What if I didn’t ask that question properly/Is she doing it now” or something like that, you can email me. You’re OK. If I don’t get back right away it probably means I’m working on a reading.

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