Email Readings

Charts, charts, charts!

Tarot-Numerology Core Chart: 200USD Email Reading

This is a core chart that includes the client’s

  • Cornerstone
  • Life Lessons
  • Expression
  • Heart
  • Destiny
  • Birthdate breakdown
  • Personal year at a glance
  • Any questions you might have for the Tarot

This is similar to an astrological birth chart and gets quite involved. Tarot is used for charting because the cards add greater depth to the personality delineation and because they’re a great visual aid! I use Tarot as a metaphor for Numerology because Tarot cards are like numerological and astrological flash cards. 

Tarot-Numerology Personal Year: 150USD Email Reading

This is a month by month look at the client’s personal year. It goes more in depth than the personal year segment in the above chart. The personal year runs from birthday to birthday, unlike the calendar year. This reading covers: Personal Year, Triad, and Personal Month Numbers for the twelve months of your personal year. You can get this at any time, but I feel like it’s best to get one of these as close to your birthday as possible.

Tarot Readings 50USD

I do still give old school Tarot readings. They’re compiled into an ebook just like the charts and delivered via email. I’ll entertain most questions, except: health, legal, twin flame, and readings specifically about other people.

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The State of NY would like me to let you know that this is “for entertainment purposes only”