The World People

These are the folks who believe that there are always options open to them. They want to explore all that is there and they don’t take no for an answer. For these folks life is a kaleidoscope and the universe is multidimensional. If they don’t like their reality, they know that other realities exist so … [Read more…]

Judgement People

This card refers to people who have graduated and moved on to other things in life. They may have been promoted, retired, or even laid off. They may be the divorced person who starts dating again. They could be hitting puberty, experiencing menopause, getting a driver’s license, or a degree. They could be someone who … [Read more…]

The Sun People

These are the folks that can breathe new life into things. Trying to revitalize a stale career? Got writer’s block? Looking to make a comeback? Sun people will help you with that.  Sun people are motivational speakers, the PR people, the HR folks that bring things back on track. They’re the wise drunk girl in … [Read more…]

The Moon People

Moon people are insightful. They give feedback, both positive and negative. They are a source of guidance. They are the people that give you a point of consideration that no one else has. They see patterns that others miss.  Sometimes our Moon people aren’t physically present. For those who delve into the mystical, their Moon … [Read more…]

The Star People

Star people are the finders and manifestors. If they don’t possess the money, skill, or resource that you need, they can certainly find it. They have a finger on the pulse of the universe. Their faith and optimism makes manifestation look effortless. After all those a Tower people, they’re a welcome respite   These are … [Read more…]

The Tower People

These are the people who shatter existing beliefs and stomp all over the status quo. They are the activists and reformers, rebels, and freedom fighters. They are the artists that provoke with their work. The whistle blowers that shine light onto the darkness in the system. Tower people are badass light bringers.  The ultimate catalyst … [Read more…]

The Devil People

These folks are the ones who set boundaries and limits. They take on responsibility for things and will do it their way. They value structure and rules. Orderly events are preferred. They do not want their boundaries tested and will clearly state their needs.  These are the designated drivers of life. The starters AND finishers. … [Read more…]

The Temperance People

Temperance people are the alchemists of joy. These are creative, sharing people who like to come together to uplift those around them. The cards can show individuals OR groups of people but this card is more likely than not, to be two or more people, or a group like a collective.  These are the folks … [Read more…]

The Death People

Like the Tens, these are people who transform things. Usually, though, it is THEY who are going through the transformation. When they are the agents of transformation their presence is more enduring than transient. While this card speaks of non-literal death, the person symbolized by this card may actually be dying or dead. They can … [Read more…]

The Hanged Man People

These are the folks who can wait patiently. Timing and conditions are important to Hanged Man people. These folks are also highly intuitive.  These people trust the process and are content with their place within the universe. Like the gambler, they know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. They are keen people … [Read more…]