August is a 13/4 month!

August 2021 is a universal 13/4 month. This number pattern is symbolized by the Death card in Tarot and ruled over by Scorpio AND Taurus. Fun and games! Change, release, and transformation are keywords for this Karmic 13 month. Remember, Karmic numbers aren’t “bad” per se, they’re intense and their energy vibration is conducive to … [Read more…]

July is 12/3 month!

two women sitting on ground near bonfire

This is a month of retraction. After the burst of energy last month, we may have collectively been a bit impulsive. This is how it goes, though. Things aren’t really random, they happen in cycles.  Last year after July 2020’s 11 universal month, we burst out of our homes raring to go and do some … [Read more…]

Birthday Cycles.

So astrology has the Saturn Return. *Cue the ominous music* Numerology has the Birthday Cycles. They’re not ominous, though. Neither is the Saturn Return, either, but we like to joke about it. The Birthday Cycles simply show the governing energy in different phases of life. There are three phases: The month of birth governs the … [Read more…]

June is a Master Month!

June 2021 vibrates to the 11 energy pattern. This is a master vibration, as are all multiples of 11. Master number energy patterns are an octave above the 1-9 spectrum and so they bring with them a higher energy level and with that, more stresses. There is a desire, when under the influence of a … [Read more…]

The Numerology of 2021

20 has been with us as a vibrational energy since January 1, 2000, but it’s influence was subtle. This is mainly because we didn’t see it or speak it. When you look at 2000, you don’t say “twenty double zero” or “twenty zero zero”. You say “two thousand” or it’s hipper cousin, “Y2K”. The same … [Read more…]

It’s a 17/8 day….

….and that day is covered by The Sun. It’s a day to be your own fairy godmother. Things will get pushed toward resolution today. That doesn’t mean they’ll be over today, but the sun lights a rather large candle under our collective butts so you might end up with singed arse hairs if you don’t … [Read more…]

Social Media Diet

So although I’ve never signed up for any of her classes, I’ve always been a lover of Leonie Dawson’s newsletter. Earlier this year she did a 21 day challenge, where she stopped using social media. She also did another one where she did no internet shopping. I’m not ready to do that yet and it’s … [Read more…]