This is a very BASIC set of interpretations to apply to the things we’re talking about on TikTok. At the time of this writing (September 2021) my followers are extremely interested in location numerology. So you would interpret these keywords as examples of the energy vibration within your home or apartment. If you were looking at the Expression Number found in your name, then you would interpret these numbers as what you project into the world. Always try to relate these meanings back to what it is that you are examining. For now, I’m not writing about master numbers or compound numbers because ultimately, everything can be reduced to a single digit for interpretation.

It is important to remember that the energy within each number functions on a spectrum. Most New Age books really emphasize the super positive aspects and/or give “spiritual” interpretations. This is mostly because no one wants anyone to read something negative, take it to heart, and then blame the author for any anxiety they experience. So with that in mind, remember that if the negative interpretations make you feel called out or upset, that’s got nothing to do with me talking about numbers or the numbers themselves. That’s on you.

As always, the State of NY would like me to remind you that this is for entertainment purposes only.

1 is the first extroverted energy pattern. It is the individual and alone. The 1 energy pattern seeks out experiences. It has a distinct identity. This energy pattern is discovering who it is and what it is capable of. 1 energy is original, creative, and fast. 1 takes command and decides how it’s energy will be used. This energy pattern can be assertive, independent, charismatic, and energetic. Negatively it can be controlling, aggressive, and argumentative.

2 is the first introverted energy pattern. This is the pair, the couple, the duo. This is the energy of the mediator, the go-between, and the diplomat. 2 begins the process of considering other alternatives, methods, or points of view. This is the energy pattern of union and growth. 2 receives, collects, and integrates. 2 also assimilates and blends in opposition to 1, which stands out. This energy pattern is adaptable, understanding, cautious, and compassionate. Negatively it is indecisive, secretive, and codependent.

3 is extroverted and is the manifestation of the combined efforts of 1 and 2. It is a diverse vibration. It carries qualities of both its parent numbers. 3 is self-expression and communication. This energy pattern needs to communicate, share, and spread manifestation everywhere. Within 3 all things are possible. This is an enthusiastic and magnetic energy. This energy pattern is expansive, theatrical, joyful, and social. Negatively it is grandiose, melodramatic, scattered, and self-indulgent.

4 is stability. It is an introverted energy pattern of solidity, permanence, and order. This is the energy pattern of concentration and focus. 4 takes the manifestation of 3 and holds it steady, forcing things to stay in place. This is a consistent, practical, firm, slow moving energy pattern. There is routine and discipline within 4. This energy pattern is endurance, construction, stability, and order. Negatively it is stubborn, bossy, stern, austere, and boring.

5 is freedom and excitement. It is change and adventure. After stabilizing the form in 4, this is the energy of conflict. Where 4 becomes complacent and bored, 5 shakes things up with a new challenge to the established order. It is the midpoint of the 1-9 number scale and therefore marks a turning point. Decisions are made in this energy pattern. 5 is also social, but less intimately social than 3 – it is about larger groups and crowds. There are opportunities within 5, and the desire to expand learning in all directions. 5 is experiential. This energy pattern is charming, magnetic, attractive, and adventurous. Negatively it can be unfocused, disorganized, addictive, and superficial.

6 is harmony and balance. This is a very conscientious energy pattern that values justice, truth, and symmetry. This is the energy pattern of choice, love, teaching, and healing. This energy pattern, like the other even numbers, is receptive and draws toward it. This is also a pattern of victory and responsibility, having overcome the challenges or dissent of the 5 pattern. The needs of others become important to 6. This energy desires closeness and commitment. This energy pattern is responsible, loving, artistic, and somewhat conservative. Negatively is can be smother mother energy or go totally the other way and become a doormat. It can also be the martyr or very jealous.

7 is analysis and information. This is the oddball of the odd numbers in that 7 is introverted. 7 seeks answers. It is an energy pattern very much concerned with the intellect. 7 loves solitude and solving mysteries. This energy pattern loves nature. It is a seeming contradiction, loving both science and mysticism at once. Goals are attained under 7 as this energy pattern marks the beginning of the cycle of completion within the 1-9 number scale. This energy pattern is intuitive and intellectual, philosophical and precise, introspective, and reclusive. Negatively it is gloomy, overly methodical, cold, and inattentive to physical needs or concerns.

8 is revision, reaping, and power. This number is the oddball of the even numbers, being extroverted. 8 assumes control of things. Recognition and reward occur under an 8 influence – but these are earned rewards and earned rewards are not always pleasant. The manifestation of your choices is made clear under this number pattern. There is drive in 8 and the ability to keep getting back into the ring. This energy pattern is generous, ambitious, resourceful, organized, perceptive, and just. Negatively it is manipulative, selfish, deceitful, ruthless, and calculating.

9 is selflessness and release. The last number in the scale, 9 has integrated all the wisdom and experience of the other number patterns. This makes 9 wise but also impersonal. This energy pattern is altruistic and compassionate but in a different way than the even numbers. 9 does not hold hands. It is tolerance and acceptance but not blindness. This energy pattern wishes to serve on a large scale, to those who seek it out. This energy pattern is love, compassion, universality, tolerance, and acceptance. Negatively it is blunt, abrasive, and flippant. This energy pattern can also info dump, making things that fall under a 9 influence difficult to understand until much later when everything can be processed.