September is a 14/5 month!

Alright, after  all the craziness of last month’s karmic 13/4 vibration, let’s have some shenanigans under a Sagittarian-ruled 14/5. That’s got to be a relief hahahaha.

This month carries a 14/5 vibration and all the other numbers are expressed through it. 14/5 is a truth seeking, experiential energy pattern that fluctuates between curiosity and wrath. Because it reduces to 5, this energy pattern is very mutable and changeable. Like mutable zodiac signs, this number pattern is flexible and not fixed. 5 is open, tolerant, and accommodating of new information. 14, being composed of 1 and 4 is much more rigid and holds things to a high standard. When it reduces to 5, the desire for knowledge in this energy pattern can be both idealistic and fragile. This is where the wrath comes in. The blunt ugliness of reality can make the 14/5 pattern into a self-righteous angry energy. 

There is also a love of the sensual in 14/5. This is an experiential pattern that wants to drink from the cup of life in all its forms. Eating, drinking, sex, drugs, and rock&roll – 14/5 wants it all, deep fried with extra hot sauce. To mirror this, there is is an impatience, a fear of missing out in 14. This anxiety can turn into overindulgence. The shadow side of 5 involves addictions of all sorts: food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, gambling, thrill-seeking – it’s all there, simmering quietly under the surface. Any month can be a bad time for addictions, but in a universal month (14/5) within a universal year (5) indulgence is very much supported right now, so be wary of overdoing it or letting anxieties get a hold of you.  

Experiences may force us to slow down and pause this month. We need to temper our desires and take the middle road under a 14/5 universal vibration. Both the angel of Temperance (14) and the priest of The Hierophant (5) have learned to master their desires and channel this energy into service. The angel serves the higher self/intellect and the hierophant serves the physical world. 

Our words have much influence this month, for better or for worse. Language and art are also important this month. Competitive situations arise and under a mutable number influence, things change quickly for no discernible reason. 

Week one carries a minor 45/9 vibration. Pride is strong this week as is a strong determination to carry out goals. The energy is also conducive to disappointment with what is. Expectations may not be met. Expected things or events may be delayed. What does arrive or occur may feel underwhelming. Rather than focus on what you don’t get this week, celebrate what you do get. Let the things that didn’t work out fall away and move past them. If something is delayed, shift and work around that as best you can. Focus on your small gains to create more. So if you come into some extra money this week, for example, don’t waste energy being upset that you didn’t get more. Save it, invest it, spend a little on fun things, and put the rest towards something that you believe in. When you contribute to the circle you keep the circle growing, even if your contribution is very small. It will cycle back to you.

Week two carries a minor 67/4 vibration. Patience is a virtue this week. This may be a frustrating week as the month energy favours spontaneous action but 67/4 is very methodical and structured. However, the minor energy this week supports the independent nature of this month’s universal energy. Use your own talents and resources this week. Work with what you have. Google it yourself. This may be a tight week, so working within a strict budget may be necessary. Things that were expected last week may still not be present. Community service is highlighted this week. This could be actual structured community work, or it could be doing good turns for your neighbours, it could also be donating to things online, or showing up to a protest. Today is also a week to engage in some serious self reflection, to examine the ways in which you hobble yourself professionally and personally. 

Week three carries a minor 71/8 vibration. Opportunity, advancement, and gain are the keywords this week. This is also a good week for inheritances or windfalls. This week bodes well for job seekers and those who are trying to be noticed at work. The big ideas of the 14/5 month energy are supported this week. This is the week to expand your horizons and show others what you can do. The shadow side to 71/8 is shrinking and going within. This is the week to shine, not to stay hidden in your shell. 

Week four carries a minor 57/3 vibration. This is a week of growth, manifestation, and optimism. The universal energy of the month is well supported this week. Some of you may get caught up in the emotional shadow side of this number pattern, bemoaning what never was in the first week. If the first week of September is underwhelming and a wee bit sucky, and things do cycle back for comfort food-filled reboot – now is a good time to breathe and detach. Emotional situations are more likely this week, but they’re more like.y to be positive than negative. Overall this is a vibration that encourages expression, emotions, and communication. This is a great week for stepping out artistically. If you don’t think of yourself as creative, why not plan a Pinterest Fail Party and get a few friends together to try Pinterest crafts. It could be amusing and fun. 

The last partial week carries a minor 51/6 vibration. The last few days are very focused and tense as we transition into the universal 15/6 energy of October. Perception is an important words over the next few days. Don’t take things personally and try to see all sides of an issue. Project an impartial, cool attitude and try your best to keep your opinions to yourself these last few days. This is difficult in a 14/5 month, bossiness is definitely a supported energy but resist. The truth will out, all on its own. 

Location Numerology, Part One: Addresses

If you’re reading this and you’re on TikTok, you should come on over. We’re having some discussion about addresses. If you’re not on TikTok, make an account and come join the conversation anyway. We’d love to have you!

So it’s a rainy, grey Saturday here in Upstate New York. This feels the perfect day to sit down with my coffee and do a blog post about this.

Numbers are, in my humble opinion, the key to the universe. Many moons ago I took physics in university and the professor declared, “The universe is math and if you believe in god, god is math.” At the time, being 17, I quietly rolled my eyes and whispered, “Well shit, no wonder god is so cranky.”

Everything about your location can be reduced to a numerical energy pattern, including your home address. Homes do carry their own spirit, their own energy. I study Vastu Shastra and in that practice we learn that whenever a structure is created, a soul or spirit of place is also created. This soul is called Purusha. The purusha of a building can be understood in many ways, but here I will talk about numbers and addresses.

Please understand that these numbers should be read in conjunction with the rest of your chart. A stand alone number interpretation may not make any sense until it is contrasted against the client’s chart. Energy patterns affect us all in unique ways and at different points in life. Location numerology is a way to discover which locations are best for a variety of things like workflow, relaxation, being busy vs being quiet, and also which locations will be challenging, requiring mitigation.

When considering addresses, the civic number is important. Traditionally street name is not considered. The time when letters factor into a calculation is when there are letters in the civic number, such as “5D” or “212C”.

If your home has an address like 4837 Jefferson Ave, then you reduce this number:


22 is master number energy but we can reduce it again to 4. Master energy is demanding, and no one functions at a high vibration all the time, so it is important to look at the single digit energy as well.

If the address is 4837 Jefferson Ave, #12, then we reduce like this:

First, the building civic address: 4+8+3+7 = 22/4

Then the apartment number: 12=1+2=3 We can look at this as 12/3 because both those numbers are important. If the unit number was “12B” then we would add 1+2+2 = 5. The value of B in numerology is 2.

As a single home, this building carries 22/4 energy within it that is a direct influence for anyone staying at this address. As an apartment building, this 22/4 energy is a more general influence while the 12/3 energy of the apartment is the direct pattern.

Now let’s throw one more type of address:

4837 Jefferson Ave, Building F, Apt 12

The 4837 (22/4) vibration now encompasses an entire complex. Building F vibrates to the 8 energy pattern, and the apartment is 12/3.

This would be a micro-community all living under a master number influence that would be greatly amplified in Building F, because of that building’s very ambitious 8 vibration. Those living in an apartment with a 12/3 number pattern would need to live impeccably: a 22/4 community is a busy, energetic place with a lot going on, where the rules are strictly enforced. Building F in this environment would be conducive to anyone seeking power and upward mobility. The residents of apartment 12 will have to guard against procrastination but they also need to set a high standard for themselves. The 3 pattern is very sociable and outgoing, and this bodes well in a complex dominated by 22/4 and 8, but the parent number 12 – in addition to ruling large institutions like government ministries, banks, prisons, and hospitals – also rules secrets and secret activities, particularly those activities which are not above board.

This would be an ideal housing unit for a young professional in a competitive field, with a life path number of 3, 6, 8, or 9, seeking a direct rise to the top. They just need to mind how they get there because the chances of being caught with their hand in the cookie jar and being made an example of, rise significantly under these vibrations.

This is just one example. This particular address will emphasize different qualities in everyone who lives there, and the energy will hit differently depending on what phase of life they’re in, as well as aspects such as personal year, month, and day. We can get as simplified or as drilled down as we like.

Governor Cuomo Resigns – The Numerology around this event

This has been an interesting case to watch unfold. As you read this bear in mind that I’m not passing judgement or giving my opinion. I’m just looking at the numbers and their energy patterns.

So let’s look at the numbers:

31/4 life path – this is a very strong 4. People with this LP are seen as results-oriented individuals who want to do things their way. 4 is about learning to work within established boundaries and more so than the other 4 LP combinations, 31/4s tend towards being very independent in their actions. They also tend to do things the hard or round about way. A positive 31/4 is someone you want in your corner. They just won’t stop head-butting the enemy. A negative 31/4 is impatient, mouthy, generally belligerent, and steps outside of the boundaries to get what they want.

13/4 personal year. Cuomo just started his personal 2020 vibration at his birthday LAST December. He won’t enter his personal 2021 vibration until his NEXT birthday in this year, on December 6th. 

Why is this important? 

2020 was a shit of a year. Double Judgement cards, folks. As you well know, Tarot is my metaphor for describing the numerical patterns of the universe, because it works particularly well for this. 

The heat won’t lessen for him until right around December of this year when he begins his 2021 vibration on the 6th. Not that anyone’s 2021 vibration is any better. I predicted 2021 to be a serious, confusing time where the information was changing too quickly to be processed, thus creating distrust and resentment. So far, judging by the tenfold increase of vaccine-related bullshit being cheerfully shared by the masses, and the flipping back and forth on masks and restrictions, I’ve been correct. 

Let’s get back to his personal year of 13/4. This type of 4 energy pattern is a karmic year when things come home to roost, to be dealt with in this lifetime. 

What this means, for the new folks in the auditorium: he carried energy from a past life into this one, and he kept repeating the same patterns. Those patterns could have been related to anything. It does not mean he was a man in this past life, it does not mean he was a politician. It may not even be the life that occurred immediately before this one. 

What it DOES NOT mean: that he is being randomly targeted in this life for actions from a past life. A lot of people get this one wrong when they start looking at the past life impacting the present life. No no no. He’s being brought to Jesus for what he did in this life. THIS life. If you believe in reincarnation, then he hasn’t changed his behavioural patterns over the course of a few lifetimes.

Many people will argue that reincarnation is not a thing and past lives are hooey. Since it’s a difficult belief to prove, they’re not wrong. The people who have documented what they believe to be past life regressions, who believe in reincarnation, are not wrong, either. Potato, potahto. 

The shitshow began on the 13th of December 2020, a week into his 2020 personal year vibration. About three months in his personal year, in March 2021, the accusations peaked. ABC News created a timeline of events. His first action point in his personal year was March 6th. It’s like a square in astrology – the tension at this time is like a zit that desperately needs to be popped. So March was a tense, busy month for the now former Governor of New York. Then the trickle dropped off and we approach the peak point for his personal year in June. It was at this time that he lifted the COVID restrictions in NY state. 

After the peak point, the energy in a persons personal year shifts. Things start to manifest for the individual, largely dependent on what they’ve done in the first half of the year. As we approach his second action point in September, he has resigned his office. He announced this on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021. Since this event occurs almost four weeks before his next action point and isn’t part of that energy, I’ll be interested in seeing what happens to him next month.

Let’s have a look at this day. It is ruled by a universal energy pattern that affects us all to some degree. 

The universal year is a pure 5. This is a year in which everyone wants freedom. We may all be feeling restless. Massive change is in the air. 

The universal month of August 2021 is a 13/4. This is a month of things coming home to roost in general. In my blog post about this month, I talked about what the universal energy might feel like for us all as it runs in the background like a computer program.

The universal day energy yesterday was 23/5. This is a number of action and movement into the outer world. Things advance rapidly under this number pattern, and they unfold for the greeter good. It is ruled by Leo and the King of Wands. Positively, it’s energy concerns community, outreach, and protection. Negatively, it’s energy is about rash behaviour, outbursts, and entitlement.

So we know that during a 13/4 month on a 23/5 day, Governor Cuomo resigned. Let’s look at his numbers:

His personal year is 13/4, symbolized by Death in the Tarot. I’ve covered the significance of his personal year already. 

His personal month for this August is 21/3, symbolized by The World in the Tarot deck. This is a month of closing things out completely. It’s also a month of rapid developments, ever changing information from many sources, and drama.

His personal day yesterday was 31/4. This personal day matches his Life Path, which is also 31/4. I always note the personal days that work out to a person’s Life Path because those days generally turn out to be interesting. Interestingly enough, the Tarot card that corresponds to 31/4 is the 5 of Wands, “The Lord of Chaos”, also titled “Conflict” or “Challenge”. 

13/4 was a significant energy pattern for the former Governor Cuomo. 

I’ll keep an eye on this and update when things happen.

So you’re not seeing repeating numbers

Or, you’re not seeing the really cool ones.

I want to address something that came up yesterday on TikTok when I got people to focus, let a number come them, and give it to me for interpretation. Publicly one person felt like she was missing out on synchronicities but privately I got messages saying similar things. I wondered if I would hear more about this when I woke up this morning and I was not disappointed. For someone with a teeny weeny following, I got a lot of messages about this.

Since the 90s there’s been a huge focus on repeating three and four digit numbers: 111, 1111, 222, 555, 1212, 2222 etc. That’s a recent phenomenon in the esoteric study of numbers and it has more to do with our shift to a digital age and a completely different world view than it does with anything else.

Calling them angel numbers is new, too, and it was a marketing thing created by Doreen Virtue to sell oracle decks. Angels are not handing out numbers. I’m going to digress for a moment because I feel a wee rant about this coming on….

Guardian angel magical guides aren’t lining up to hand out 11:11s like candy. They aren’t pretty white ladies just itching to share the secrets of the universe with you. They’re also not universal. That’s arrogant colonial thinking and the new age community is full of it. Angels are Yehovah’s henchmen and they’re terrifying to behold. They’re not hanging around waiting for you turn over your oracle cards for a divine angel message. Come on, folks.

Incidentally, a few years back, Doreen Virtue came forward and completely disavowed her work saying that it was all hooey. She’s found Jesus now and no longer creates New Age material because she feels it’s all a lie but somehow that doesn’t stop her from collecting royalties on 25 years spent churning out the same book and deck over and over again.

Ok, rant over.

Back to the repeating numbers thing.

Some people’s higher selves show them feathers. Some people see things in clouds and tea leaves. Or cards. Or numbers, like we’re talking about here. You’ll note I keep saying “higher self”. I do that in my videos, too. I take the belief that we are fully capable of communicating these things to ourselves and that we don’t need to be leaning on spirits, guides, angels, gods, etc. It also keeps things neutral. If I call them spirits, I’m leaving out the ancestor crowd. If I call them gods, I’m alienating the spirit guide people. If I call them ancestors, I’m offending someone else.

That said, I really do believe that we don’t give ourselves enough credit. What’s the point in believing that we’re all connected in some invisible psychic web that transcends time and space if we turn around and burn candles to some entity we only just read about? It’s you, ok? It’s YOU. You make the magic happen. This line of thinking goes right up there with assuming that aliens must have made ancient structures. Our ancestors were every bit as intelligent as we are now. They certainly could have figured out pyramids and Stonehenge without any fucking inter-dimensional lizard people.

I ranted again. I’m sorry…except that it’s a Canadian sorry….which is not a genuine sorry. Back on track, back on track….

All these repeating number sequences are new for us as of the 1970s. That’s when they started to become a thing, but it would be another twenty years before they became “angel numbers” or associated with concepts like “spiritual DNA”. I don’t think there’s been too many mentions prior to that. If you’re not seeing them it does not mean anything bad. You are not unlucky. You are not cursed. You are not a day late and a dollar short. You aren’t missing out on good things. You’re fine. Not seeing 3333 ain’t the end of the world. I promise it isn’t. I’m a numerologist and I don’t see a lot of repeating numbers like this.

If you Google these number sequences, most of the sites will tell you the same things, phrased in slightly different ways. One, it’s because they’re all copying each other and the “angel numbers” people are rehashing Doreen Virtue. The “numerology” people are rehashing Hans Decoz. But they also sound eerily similar because the interpretations on these repeating numbers are just being written. In other times in history people who studied the mystical properties of numbers weren’t really interested in those particular number patterns. Some ancients cultures that contributed to the body of knowledge in esoteric number studies didn’t use base ten mathematics like we do and some places don’t today.

It also bears mentioning that a lot of pre-1905 numerological texts had nothing nice to say about 11 and it’s multiples. When they were mentioned, it was usually to characterize them as “dark forces” or “unfortunate”. Master numbers have a higher vibration and as a result, they do demand more energy. When you seek to intentionally invoke these energies into your life it can be a lot to handle.

If you go to my TikTok account and look at all the videos I did for people with random numbers, you’ll find that the most heartfelt and strong responses did not come from the 11:11 crowd. The best responses came from the odd-looking numbers crowd. I don’t think the multiples of 11 or repeating single digits that we keep seeing serve as much more than a poke from our higher selves to stop and be mindful of what we’re doing or thinking in that moment. That doesn’t make them any less important, just less mystical and mysterious.

Can those numbers have other meanings? Of course! Repeating numbers are intensifications of the single digit that keeps repeating. So if you’re seeing 555 or 5555, is it possible that you have a desire to put your toys down and hit the road? Five is an experiential energy pattern that wants to do it all, know it all, see it all.

But if you’re not seeing 555 or any of the other numbers, no worries. Remember folks, numerology is more than repeating 11s and it isn’t a belief system. It’s a set of calculations and interpretations. It’s one way of trying to make sense of the world and our place within it, but it’s not the only way. Get up, go forward, and seize the day with all the other people who AREN’T getting wound up about numbers or planets or cards, and yet they are still succeeding at things.


August is a 13/4 month!

August 2021 is a universal 13/4 month. This number pattern is symbolized by the Death card in Tarot and ruled over by Scorpio AND Taurus. Fun and games!

Change, release, and transformation are keywords for this Karmic 13 month. Remember, Karmic numbers aren’t “bad” per se, they’re intense and their energy vibration is conducive to working on things that need to be worked on. When they occur in the general numerology for a specific period of time – like the month of August – think of these numbers as sticky notes from the Universe’s Honey Do list. This 13/4 number pattern affects everyone to some degree because the universal numbers are within everyone’s personal month and day numbers. Think of it as a backdrop to your existence.

So what does a 13/4 number pattern mean? Well, Malefic or Karmic 13/4 is about WORK and work’s alter ego, LAZINESS. This doesn’t necessarily mean work as in your job. This is a time period to examine what you’ve been slacking on. Maybe it is your job. Maybe you’ve been sweeping things under the rug, things that bother you, or things that bother your coworkers, cutting corners, cutting budgets – those things will be brought up to be dealt with. Maybe it’s your soccer team. Maybe you need to be working harder on your form during games. Instead, you’re watching soccer on ESPN and not practising. Perhaps it’s your spending. Or your romantic relationship. It’s something and that something will be different for everyone.

“Brought up to be dealt with” – that sounds so professional, right? So here’s what that means: getting chewed out by coworkers who are tired of your corner-cutting lazy arse. Getting cut from the team for not holding up your end. Your spouse blows up because they’re tired of everyone getting fresh and happy you, when they get tired cranky you that criticizes everything and contributes little.

It can also mean YOU feeling this way towards people around you in the various areas of your life. FUN, eh?

You get the idea.

Last month was a month of retraction. I predicted that some of the emerging freedoms we enjoyed would be going bye-bye and here we are, being told that masking regardless of vaccine status, will be a thing again. It is already in some areas. The cross border travel privileges that so many of us, myself included, in North America were looking forward to are up in the air as the USA and Canada do a personality flip: Canada, the plot twist goes, wants the border open and is greatly easing restrictions relative to how it used to be. The USA, also playing the opposites game, is talking about tightening up as the COVID-19 Delta variant rips through the country. Fun and games. Expect lockdowns to continue in Canada and to start up again all across the USA, most likely by then end of October.

Now let’s not forget that 13 reduces to 4. This is a strong number on its own and is tied to 8, which is the number of the month of August. 4/8 combinations can be extraordinarily wonderful or really, tooth-grindingly difficult. It’s all in whether you react or respond to things. If you react, you’ll likely spend this month waiting for it to be over. If you respond, and bend and sway like the willow in the wind and lean into the suck, you’ll have a much better time of things.

August 1st-7th days are each ruled by Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement

August 1-7th starts out with a lot of giddy excitement, today being under a benefic 14/5 influence. This quickly turns into a “WTF???” on the 2nd and 3rd as we move in 15 and 16 energy patterns ruled by The Devil and The Tower. This transitions into “Oh me nerves” as we move into The Star, The Moon, and The Sun. We end off the week with a “hard look at things” as The Sun casts its bright light of illumination and Judgement holds your head still so you have to look at it all.

There’s a lot of nervous energy this week. Expect some things that no longer serve you to be removed. You may not lose your job or coveted spot on the team but you will, at the very least, be changing your thinking on some matters.

August 8th – 14th days are ruled by The World, The Fool, King of Wands, Queen of Wands, Knight of Wands, Page of Wands, and Ace of Wands.

This week starts off with a whole new energy. We’ll all be closing out something in week one and moving on to other things in week two. The 8th is a big day in New Age circles, being the best day of something called The Lion’s Gate Portal, an annual astrological event every Leo season. It’s the New Moon and being the 8th day of the 8th month also makes it a big deal for folks out there. The new age community is a funny animal, though. They love repeating numbers and other harmonious looking arrangements and they run right out to the spirit circle to do some some shiny magic without really stopping to consider the whole picture. This is an 8th day in the 8th month whose universal pattern is a karmic 13/4. 8 is also a number strongly tied to karma and deep, dark energy. So if you plan to wave your culturally appropriated sage stick around while you ask the New Age White Angel Barbies to grant you ALL THE THINGS just be ready to get exactly what you wished for in the most literal in-your-face way. Perhaps throw down some obsidian first.

But this is an important day, though, because it is dominated by the 21 energy pattern and it is only through accepting this new world as it is laid bare for you, can you let go of the tired old crap that you keep recycling. Even if you don’t do anything magical. Even if you sleep through making your moon water, shift happens.

The 9th of this month vibrates to a universal 22 energy pattern. This is master energy and it can be as tense and irritating as it can be creative and inspiring. You’ll probably see some small gains today, from things started last month.

The energy of the week is dominated by a trip through the Wands Family, with all their joyful energy and dysfunction. The first week lays bare all the bullshit, the second week sees the fallout and drama. Expect exaggerated communication, over-idealizing, and 14 year old girl reactions to what are probably ordinary situations.

August 15th – 21st days we are treated to the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Wands so lay out your Tarot cards accordingly. This will be a great time to manifest things so all you quantum jumpers get your water glasses ready. The 16th of this month vibrates to a master 29/11 energy. This kicks off a learning period for everyone. Help will be there but you’ll probably have to seek it out and ask. Approached fearfully or with a shitty attitude, all of your negative thinking prophecies will be fulfilled. You get out what you put in, which you do all the time anyway, but today starts a period of rapid manifestation and rapid development in situations. Your ship does come in this week, starting today. Your actions and choices will determine if it’s like a Hapag Lloyd loaded with rewards or the Mary Celeste.

The master energy of 33 hits us square in the nads on the 20th. Your eyes will be opened today. Who knows, maybe today is the day you wake up from The Matrix. Most likely today is a day that will see you putting your plans and needs aside as responsibilities to others become more important. Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on the 19th and as such, in a month with 13/4 ( 4 has Uranus/Taurus rulership) energy, expect master energy of the 20th, 25th, and 31st to be more tightly wound than usual.

August 22nd – 28th days are symbolized by the 9 and 10 of Wands. The 24th sees the energy shift and we are hanging with the super emotional Cups Family. So the remaining five days of this period are symbolized by the King, Queen, Knight, Page, and Ace of Cups.

The full moon on the 22nd makes two full moons in Aquarius during Leo season. Oooooh FUN…..AND we begin sparkling clean and critical Virgo season on top of that. Check in with your favorite astrologer because there’s a lot happening this month. Go see Laurie over at Woke Astrology.

The 23rd carries what I call “Tesla energy”. Nickola Tesla was a big fan of the 3/6/9 pattern and said that anyone who could harness it could manifest anything. The 23rd vibrates to a 36/9 energy pattern, so get out your quartz clusters. Today is also a day to strengthen property wards and mend magical fences. It’s also an energy pattern that can create loss as much as it can create gain. Just bear in mind that losses which occur in this month are for the greater good. Whatever falls away from you at this time was going to come to an end and it will set you free.

The week starts off intensely and then shifts into Cups ruled number patterns. Emotions are strong. Try to focus on those people, places, and things where you find joy. Eat the donut and add to cart this week, I won’t judge.

August 29 – 31 days are symbolized by the 2, 3, and 4 of Cups. We’ll all start to feel the pull of September’s 14/5 energy during these last few days of August. These are happy, emotional, huggy-kissy energy patterns. We become more contemplative and likely to process the events of this month as we move toward the last day of August, under a master 44/8 vibration, symbolized by the 4 of Cups. As a master number full of 4/8 energy it will hit harder especially after Uranus retrograde in Taurus. This is intense energy that re-evaluates everything, ending a collective karmic kick in the arse. During this period you may find yourself reaching out spiritually, looking for the answers that put things into perspective. The answers can be found within.

This energy pattern caps off an intense manifestation period – share the rewards with others – whether they are physical or temporal.

You know, I just reread those last three sentences after I hit the publish button and I have to say, yes, that’s my interpretation but damn – that kind of carries the same sucky punch as finding out Dorothy could have gone home if she’d just clicked her damned heels. So there. Relax. Walk the yellow brick road this month knowing it’ll all be fine and you’ll get to the other end of August with your shit mostly intact. Ignore everything else I just wrote about August knowing that in a month’s time we’ll all be mediating and going within.

If you want a set of month by month personal predictions, I’ll be back to doing charts mid-August. Email me at or, for monthly a Tarot reading subscription, check me out at buymeacoffee.

July is 12/3 month!

two women sitting on ground near bonfire

This is a month of retraction. After the burst of energy last month, we may have collectively been a bit impulsive. This is how it goes, though. Things aren’t really random, they happen in cycles. 

Last year after July 2020’s 11 universal month, we burst out of our homes raring to go and do some serious peopling last summer after months spent in lockdown. The end result was that during our 12 universal august month – an energy of two steps forward, one step back, freedoms started rolling back, numbers started climbing – the penance for letting our hair down and falling under 11’s spell the month before.  It happens cyclically every time like this except as of last year these moments became more pronounced as we entered the 2020s. 

This month is no different. There will be a retraction of energy this month, reversals, and quiet pauses. Plans may fall apart at the collective level. Things that we were expecting at that level get put on hold. This could mean benefits and programs that we have been counting on or gotten used to receiving, won’t be coming or will be delayed. Markets might correct and bubbles might burst. A 12 universal energy pattern brings surrender. It reverses and stops things, sometimes through unorthodox ways. 

This is the number of The Hanged Man, who relaxes into his bondage. Only then can he see things from a different perspective, go within, and journey inward. When we remove the busyness of last month, cause and effect are noticeable and pronounced. Things are not what they appeared to be last month. 

Of course it’s still summertime. There will be sunny days and BBQ and taking the kids to the beach. Those things are still on. 

12 reduces to 3, we mustn’t forget that. The 12 is the undercurrent, the behind the scenes force that everything else rests on. The 3 is what we’ll see most often at the personal level. This energy pattern has a flair for drama and hilarity. With a worldly backdrop of restriction and review, expect some over the top and grand behaviour from people. Our worlds might be falling apart in these covid times but we still want to put our best foot forward, get our hair done, be pretty, dance in the streets, and fall in love a few times. Why not?  

At the personal level we will feel 3 the most. The 12 pattern rules governments and large institutions. They’ll do what they always do and we’ll do what we always do. For every goalpost that gets moved (12 in action) there’s someone who figures out a creative solution to keep people happy. That’s the 3 pattern in action. 

This is a great month to take up something like group rollerblading. Or frisbee. Or hula hoops. Fun physical activities with others. People will have a lot of energy this month and without an energetic, enjoyable, communal way to burn it off, unused energy could manifest in arguments. A shitty 3 isn’t a fighter but they’ll make you think they are. They’ll dance around and play shoulders with you, pushing your buttons with taunts. 

Ultimately every day is what you make of it, regardless of what the planets, cards, or numbers say. As always, let shit unfold and be excellent to each other!! 

Birthday Cycles.

So astrology has the Saturn Return.

*Cue the ominous music*

Numerology has the Birthday Cycles. They’re not ominous, though. Neither is the Saturn Return, either, but we like to joke about it. The Birthday Cycles simply show the governing energy in different phases of life. There are three phases:

  • The month of birth governs the first third of life. The actual amount of time is determined by calculation. This cycle can be as short as 26 years or as long as 35 years.
  • The date of birth governs the second third of life. The amount of time for this cycle is 27 years.
  • The year of birth governs the remaining years of life.

These numbers can be read alongside Pinnacles and Challenges, if you use them. These are numbers also derived from the DOB. Their influence is sweeping and broad. It’s not as direct as, say, name progressions or personal months or days.

June is a Master Month!

June 2021 vibrates to the 11 energy pattern. This is a master vibration, as are all multiples of 11. Master number energy patterns are an octave above the 1-9 spectrum and so they bring with them a higher energy level and with that, more stresses. There is a desire, when under the influence of a master vibration, to want to do ALL THE THINGS all at once. This is where the stress and anxiety of master numbers happens, because it is difficult to be this switched on all the time. It is important to remember that 11 reduces to 2. If you’re feeling stretched this month, draw on the gentle, compassionate energy of the 2 vibration.

Collectively we will start a rebuilding cycle this month. 11 is survivor energy. This is a short term energy phase where we will start taking a few steps forward to rebuilding our new normal. It’s important to remember that an 11/2 energy phase is gestational- things are happening but that may not be easy to see and patience is required. The last time we experienced an 11 universal month was July 2020, when most of the world had finally emerged out of the global lockdown and things were opened up again.

It is also important to note that this is the UNIVERSAL energy for this month. Your personal month energy may not be 11. The universal energy will be contained within and modified by, your personal energy. For a one year personal month by month forecast, click here!

This is a great month to revive old fashioned personal touches like thank you notes or calling cards. An 11 universal month is a time to exercise patience and compassion. When it happens in a 5 year it’s also a time of nosiness, gossip, and generally judgey box behaviour – instead of turning into Gladys Kravitz, knock on your neighbour’s door and check in on them. Give your freezing coworker the office sweater instead of judging her for cap sleeves after 40. We will all be especially sensitive to people and their idiosyncrasies this month. We are all processing the same energy and the collective conscious is a thing – remember this before you give in to the urge to tell someone how swell they are. If it feels like everyone is taking everything too personally right now and you’re surrounded by emo kids, it’s because they are and so are you, my little snowflake. Be kind to others and maybe they’ll be kind right back.

The 11 pattern carries the 2 pattern as its root, so being good to yourself might look like nesting at home on the weekend or saying no to a night out. This is an 11 universal month within a 5 universal year, so burning the candle at both ends is something that we’ll all be feeling this June. A little sauna or massage time certainly won’t hurt.

This is an idealistic vibration and expectations could be rather lofty. Not everyone will live up to whatever mental movie you’ve built up in your head. Forgive them and forgive yourself. People are moving as quickly as they can on things. Patience is short during an 11 period. It’s not just you that feels held up, sweetcakes. Someone else might be tapping their toe and cursing your name this month. It goes both ways. This is a month to sit on your hands, button your lip, and open your ears – difficult to do because you might well be full of piss and vinegar and fabulous ideas. Wait until it’s your turn for the talking stick. Your mind is ready for some new thoughts to move in and unpack, but if you don’t sit still and pay attention you might miss out.

11 energy can also manifest in some strange ways. Modified by a 5 year, expect glitches in The Matrix. Déjà vu is a thing and you might swear you said that/saw that/came here already. Don’t be surprised if eerie connections make themselves known or if you start getting exactly what you wish for. The year/month combination is also baseline energy for strange accidents this month due to the enhanced feeling of immortality that inquisitive 11 gets when combined with experiential 5. Check your bungee cords, don’t feed twinkies to the alligators no matter how wistful they look, and check both ways before you cross the street.

The Numerology of 2021

20 has been with us as a vibrational energy since January 1, 2000, but it’s influence was subtle. This is mainly because we didn’t see it or speak it. When you look at 2000, you don’t say “twenty double zero” or “twenty zero zero”. You say “two thousand” or it’s hipper cousin, “Y2K”. The same holds true for the years after this. We don’t say “twenty oh seven” or “twenty zero seven”, we say “two thousand seven”. People don’t realize how the magic of their perception shapes their reality. Even other languages have adopted this Western way of saying the year.

We didn’t start to give 20/Judgement it’s own breath until 2010, which I’ve never heard said “two thousand ten” always, “twenty ten”. The energy of 20 grew until it doubled on itself in 2020. Double Judgement, folks, completely in line with everything that happened. I go more into the year of 2020 here where I did a card reading called “The Great Fuckening”. That’s in the past, so let’s talk about now.

The 20 vibration will be with us for the rest of this century. It’ll probably take Judgement/The High Priestess that long to dismantle mental/cultural structures like colonialism and patriarchy. This year we are midway through 2021. Within the 20/Judgement energy pattern we will continue to see the massive restructuring of industries and the world economy. This shift will force new solutions at an amazing speed. Under the influence of 20 we don’t keep the machine going. We strip it, keep the parts that work, and try to build something else. Decisive actions are required under the 20 energy pattern. Committees, delaying tactics, anything that slows the shift down causes anxiety to the point of collective mental health issues. The silver lining to this is that over the last few years and especially within the last year, there is a huge social media movement springing up to normalize mental health problems. For those of us whose thinking is still firmly rooted in the past, this might seem weak or snowflakey, but given that we will be dealing with the mental fallout from “all of this” for about the next ten to fifteen years, normalization is needed. Buckle up Boomer, you’re going to be in for a bumpy ride on the Snowflake Express.

21 is the part of the 2021 vibration that closes the book on the old world. In 2022 we crack the spine on an entirely new book. There’s no going back now. Thoughts become things very quickly under a global 21 influence and The World/The Empress – especially The Empress – have a very direct A B C route to manifestation. Quite often, as has happened thus far this year, things have manifested too quickly to be fully understood before they’re all the way “out there”. We saw this energy emerge and grow strength in the last two months of 2020, which is what happens with year energy. Often we feel the pull of new energy emerging before it arrives. The 21 energy pattern, like the 20 pattern contains within it the silent energy of the High Priestess who works in the background.

This year reduces to a 5 vibration(2021=2+0+2+1=5). Everyone born this year will carry that yearning for freedom and change as a hidden undercurrent in their life path number.

During a five universal year, we all low-key vibe to freedom. We want to feel the wind in our hair. We’ve had enough of sitting in the house and we are all the way over last year’s intense 4 universal energy (2020=2+0+2+0=4). We are chomping at the bit to experience life. Last year was an intense 4 pattern as we definitely learned to function within very strict parameters with exactly the resources at hand. We’ll be living in its shadow for a few years yet.

The influence of 21 within this year is magnified: our minds are on fast forward. We can’t keep pace with all the information we’re being subjected to. We’re collectively easily distracted and unfortunately easily led. We need to function as a bloc and put our devices on airplane mode for a while, to give our brains a break. I’m not even kidding.

It’s been over four weeks since I’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube and I feel pretty good. I mean that, I really do. I’m not sure at what time I did this, but at about the same time that I stopped visiting all of these social media sites, I also stopped watching television. I’ve been reading. I rebuilt my crochet site. I revived this numerology site from the bones of my personal blog. I’ve been doing readings. I’ve been filming patterns. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I’m not getting sucked into arguments about made up issues on social media or feeling depressed because of all the doom and gloom on the news. I like the world again, it’s a pretty fantastic place.

2021/5 is an experiential energy. 5 wants to drink the drink, eat the delicious food, make all the art, have all the sex, read the books, take the course, and fly away to parts unknown – I’ll take one of everything please. As a 23/5 Pisces, I want to believe that everyone will take a moment and savour every smell, every taste, every blessed little sensation because that is the domain of 5, but we live in a culture of bigger, better, faster, more. So it’s more likely that there will continue to be a lot of rule breaking and frazzled, stressed behaviour in the collective. The downside to the 5 energy pattern is excess, addiction, and a hyperactive, belligerent energy that burns itself right out. If you know any 5 life paths, 5 birth dates (5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month), or 5 personal year folk, watch them for overeating, excessive drinking, etc.

It’s a 17/8 day….

….and that day is covered by The Sun. It’s a day to be your own fairy godmother. Things will get pushed toward resolution today. That doesn’t mean they’ll be over today, but the sun lights a rather large candle under our collective butts so you might end up with singed arse hairs if you don’t get a move on. At the very least, try to look busy when he shines on you. The readings are at my TikTok and IG: thenumerologylady. I’d embed thrm but Google won’t let me have Adsense now because they think I’m scraping other people’s content when I share my own video readings from IG. I’m not deleting those blog posts so I’ll have to stop sharing them and reapply for my Adsense again. Boo hiss Google!

Earlier today…

I’m at my specialist office, waiting my 20 minutes before I can leave. I come in twice weekly for shots – immunotherapy – for my allergies. The idea is to gradually increase my dose of allergen and eventually I’ll not be allergic to it. I’m mindful of the fact that I’m being injected with a mix of adrenaline and allergen. Technically speaking, I could drop dead in the waiting room. So, you know, Tuesday and Friday are not my favorite days.

I opened up my drafts at 5:30…….

We are going out for fish fry this evening, when Pat gets back. I’m excited for beer and cholesterol.

I made a tiktok today. I don’t know if I’ll do much there. I like watching certain people on tiktok but I don’t know if it’s my place. We’ll see.

We have an outdoor party to go to tomorrow. It’s supposed to be about 60F. I’m not positive, I think that’s like 12-14C and that feels a little nippy for an outdoor party. It’s for a relative who’s getting married this July. I guess outside is the only place that it could be held because covid. My fingers are crossed that it’s sunny.

I participated in something called an Instagram loop the other day. I’m not sure I did it correctly, but I went from something like 900 crochet followers to….checks Instagram…..1154 followers. I feel like that’s a good Instagram base. I don’t know if I’ll do it again right away. I’ve done things in the past with my crochet accounts that were designed to get the almighty “exposure” and most of them didn’t work well in the long term. We’ll see if this does. I’m excited to be designing patterns again.

That’s all I got for now, folks. Everyone enjoy your Friday night and be excellent to each other!