The Temperance People

Temperance people are the alchemists of joy. These are creative, sharing people who like to come together to uplift those around them. The cards can show individuals OR groups of people but this card is more likely than not, to be two or more people, or a group like a collective. 

These are the folks that can merge many disparate ideas into one concept. They take ideas and give the form in the physical world. They see the beauty in everything and everyone around them. They are the artists, sculptors, musicians, therapists, and outreach workers of the universe. 

However, at the shitty end of the spectrum, they are the hug you refused but got anyway. They are the help forced but not wanted, or the type of attention that can leave a person feeling violated but unsure of what just happened. When Temperance people channel from the swamp instead of the stream, their creations are meant only to shock because they are acting out their issues.

The Death People

Like the Tens, these are people who transform things. Usually, though, it is THEY who are going through the transformation. When they are the agents of transformation their presence is more enduring than transient. While this card speaks of non-literal death, the person symbolized by this card may actually be dying or dead. They can also be pregnant, changing careers, getting married, going through a divorce, adopting a child, transitioning their gender, converted to a new religion, in recovery – anything that is change, transformation, and ending one cycle before beginning a new one. 

On a bad day, their energy takes on a Scorpio-like feel. When living in denial of their transformation or acknowledging but not accepting it, Death people can be argumentative and destructive. When turned inward, this is the energy of self harm and a life lived in trauma. There could be secret addictions or obsessions, or the person in question could be in danger of falling back into dangerous patterns.

The Hanged Man People

These are the folks who can wait patiently. Timing and conditions are important to Hanged Man people. These folks are also highly intuitive. 

These people trust the process and are content with their place within the universe. Like the gambler, they know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. They are keen people watchers, sitting quietly in the background, watching as events unfold. Most of the time, what appears charmed, lucky, or fortuitous is not. These folks have spent a lot of time observing and analyzing the patterns around them, so it would appear that they just “know” the right right moment to act. 

Sometimes, though, they can be so concerned with “just the right time” that their window of opportunity closes. They don’t get the job, the girl, or the windfall. Their patience and seeming slowness infuriates those around them who may see it as laziness or indecision. They can also get caught in the illusion of something better coming along, and thus remain paralyzed in one particular situation.

The Strength People

Here are the survivors and thrivers of Ten’s chaos. You can not keep these people down. After the shit has hit the fan, these are the people who pick up the pieces and rebuild. They’re an intensification of Two’s energy. 

They’ve mastered the art of following their instincts, which is why they’re survivors. Often, their lives have been full of physical and emotional upheaval. They’re resourceful and they’ve cultivated boundaries. Unlike the High Priestess people, Strength people are well grounded and independent; they’ll get by without you, thank you very much. 

Strength people are also tuned into manifestation. They may not be wealthy but they always seem to land on their feet, particularly where jobs, money, and housing are concerned. They always have enough. They’re very creative problem solvers. 

On a crappy day, it’s them vs the world. They can have difficulty separating the mosquitoes from the sabre tooth tigers because they can’t always come down from fight or flight mode. They may perceive attacks and act accordingly out of a sense of self preservation. Being switched on like this can cause burn out. 

The Wheel of Fortune People

These are the folks who do their thing and go. They’re the transients in our lives, here for a good time not a long time. They set things in motion. Ten is an intensification of One. These people are often catalysts or initiators of great things. I liken the energy of Ten to a drop of water on the edge of a faucet. It hesitates and quivers, then falls and creates a sea of ripples that affect everything. 

Wheel people are usually dramatic and noticed. Ten’s energy is strong and far reaching. There is the odd time they are subtle and indirect, like the good guy at the gas station who tells you to take this road instead of that road because it’s faster. You arrive at your destination on time and make a needed connection. 

On a shitty day, Wheel people feel ineffectual and may not see their own importance. They keep still or silent, not realizing their worth in contributing. Sometimes they contribute too much and create a tangled web of events that disrupts everything around them. They can also be the person that dumps their mess, thinking the universe will sort it out, believing they need chaos for meaningful change.

The Hermit People

These are the keepers of wise council. Nine Is a number that contains all other numbers within it. Within these people are all the experiences of the number spectrum. Hermit people have an awareness of everything around them. 

These are the folks who know all the stories, all the histories, and all the dirt. They know the right number to call and what government department you need. They just know everything. Like the other wisdom keepers of the Tarot, you have to come to them. It’s rare that a Hermit person will offer unsolicited advice. In some cases you’ll have to do work to get the information that you seek – The Hermit does live on a mountain top, after all. 

Because they know so much, they are often detached and impersonal. Nines are more aloof than the other numbers. They know how the song ends so they’re not as hopped up about a thing as you are. This can be really frustrating when you’re passionate about something and feel dismissed. They can also hang on to a lot of useless information. There’s so much in their head that it’s impossible to have a five minute exchange. You’re going to sit there and listen to The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, whether you like it or not. Bring snacks. 

The Justice People

Justice people are the folks who step in to make order emerge from chaos. They are highly intelligent, and unlike the other even numbers, they have perfected their poker faces. Their emotional attachments are all reigned in. 

They bring balance and order. Because justice and fairness is not the 50/50 balance of The Lovers personalities, Justice people can make the hard decisions. They do not suffer from any inner hand-wringing. If someone’s feelings are hurt, it is what it is. This is a person that can bring a stick into the woods and emerge, having built a mansion. Everything they do is successful. 

Under a shitty alignment they can be so driven to bring order from chaos that they don’t give two shits how it happens or who gets crushed in the process. They’ve got their eyes on the prize and that’s all that matters. They can get so caught up in being efficient that they overlook things, dismissing them as minor details. Justice people also do not deal well with being told. They can find themselves on solo projects quickly. 

The Chariot People

These are the people who crack the whip. They both facilitate and direct the changes around them. This is the person you want to have heading any project about change. They are the extroverted introverts. They are less impulsive than earlier odd numbered cards. 

Chariot people manage themselves and others well. The Chariot’s astrological ruler is Cancer, the crab who lives in his shell. This imagery is repeated on most Chariot cards – the charioteer travels and lives in his chariot/battle wagon. Chariot people can adapt and be right at home in any environment or during times of upheaval. They are less prone to outbursts than the other odd numbers, and keep their wits about them. 

They like to tinker and see how things work. This means they’ll often see what others have missed. They are open minded to new things when they can be shown the science/facts/reasoning behind it. 

On a low day, they will stubbornly not let go of a thing that’s run its course. They will try to micromanage chaotic elements instead of letting things go. They would do well to do a Marie Kondo of their tangible and non tangible lives.

The Lovers People

These are people that like to collaborate with others. They love cooperative efforts and are superb team players. They have a knack for bringing the right people together at the right time. 

The Lovers people often walk the middle road and are lovers of harmony, balance, and fairness. These are non confrontational people who make good mediators. The Lovers people just want to help in any way they can.   

Like the other even numbers, they contain an element of self-sacrifice. Their boundaries are less fluid than the Two (High Priestess) and less fixed than the Four (The Emperor). They will take in all angles of information and work for the highest good. 

On a crappy day they can be in denial about combining opposing people, forces, or ideas. They have a pathological, clawing need for harmony at all costs. They don’t want to ruffle feathers. They’ll stretch, bend, or omit things to keep the peace. It’s easier to herd cats than it is to get a definitive yes or no out of this person.